September 2012

19:05 meeting called to order

Membership update

3 new people joined as members and supplemental voting was done for those members, and others who did not vote online

Voting results

all motions passed (demote the security position, demote the space supervisor position, and reduce the total board size from 9 to 7)

  • President: Ray Scheufler

  • VP: Dave Champion

  • Secretary: Barry Von Ahsen

  • Treasurer: Davin Jones

  • Directors: Brady white, Joel Schreiber and Nick Beacom

new president Ray gave a state of the union, and quickly reviewed the membership levels/benefits

Davin gave the treasurer report. The status of delinquent membership dues was discussed and it was moved to start fresh from today, restoring everyone to good standing, and to gratefully thank those who have supported the space financially to this point. The motion was raised by bvonahsen and seconded by ray. The motion passed.

Free topics

Joel mentioned the need to increase our social media/online presense, and was volunteered to head the committee. dchamp offered hosting

We discussed signage and zoning. The assessor says R1-60, need to research that. [research below]

Dchamp moved to declare Matthew an honorary member for the duration of the lease. Brady seconded. The motion passed

Jeffz discussed the Whittier building project and potential collaboration

Meeting schedule was discussed, and an online schedule/calendar. Eventually we want to do weekly meetings.

501c3 was discussed, and the timeline for filing.

Ray will follow up with matthew re: lease

Motion to adjourn was made by bvonahsen at 20:25. Seconded by ray

Zoning research

the assessor site says the building is R1-60, with use code 506/Service Repair

R1-60 definition:

R1-80 definition:

I couldn't find a definition for use codes

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