January 2019 - Member Meeting

1/27/2019 - Area 515 Member Meeting
Total Number of Members Attending: 11
Total Number of Full Members Attending: 10 + 3 by proxy
Quorum was reached (11 Full Members were required)
Board of Directors Attending:
President: DaveVice President: RaySecretary: BradDirector of Education: BaileyDirector: Jason
Treasurer: MegDirector: Tom

State of the Space

  • 58 members currently
  • We are operating in the black
  • Utilities were $400 in December
    • We should make instructions to put next to the thermostat. Also post copy of last month's utility bill next to thermostat.


  • Since Treasurer was absent, no financial update was given.

Tool Area Updates


  • Loom will be working soon, Bailey will be in charge of training
  • They have also acquired a knitting machine, which is currently at Laura's place
  • Also have a mini-loom which may be suitable for training when large loom is occupied
  • Tile floor has been installed thanks to Tim, et al.

Wood Shop

  • Dust collection system is progressing nicely, staying within budget
  • System will also include 1 or 2 floor pickups
  • About 4 people need to come in some day in order to finish system, a date was not scheduled.
  • The router table was broken from improper usage and new parts will need to be ordered before it works again.

Metal Shop

  • We have the materials needed to upgrade the electrical wiring and conduits. What is needed is time to do the upgrades. Probably won't happen until after dust collector system is finished.
  • Jerry, our landlord, has a mill that needs repairing, we may be able to use it if we can also fix it.
  • We are able to weld now using the Hobart machine, but not the stick welder.
  • We need to get more wire for the Hobart.
  • Dave will ask Praxair about leasing gas cylinders for the Hobart.
  • We also need to get Oxyacetylene bottle, and stargon bottle for Chris's Oxyacetylene torch.
  • We can't use the stick welder until the 220 electrical outlets and wiring are installed.
  • We need to look into welding blankets and curtains. Taylor was doing that until he left, and nobody has picked it up again yet.

Laser Cutter

  • Sharktooth needs new tube
  • Full Spectrum working okay.

3D Printing

  • We may receive the Multi Material Upgrade (MMU) system for the Prussia in late February
  • Caroline is taking over the Cobblebot and continuing work on it.

Upgrading Memberships from Supporting to Full

  • Abigail was nominated for membership upgrade, but vote was postponed since she was not present.

New Social Media Person

  • Bailey will quit all social media posting by the end of February, so new person or persons need to take over the job by then.
  • There are 2 main social media roles to fill:
    • Someone to respond to questions through social media - This person should be, if not a member, someone very knowledgeable about the space.
      • Caroline agreed to look into automating social media questions to forward to the info@area515 account.
    • Someone to post about events on social media - This person could be a non-member.
  • The role of Intern was originally created to handle these responsibilities, but different interns have had different levels of success.
  • Dave volunteered to do some of what is required on Facebook
  • Caroline is working to improve our website and membership automation.

Game Night

  • Next one will be Feb 14, 7-10:00pm
  • Need someone to host in March or April.
  • Ray needs to host an Artemis game night some time.

Upcoming Classes

  • Wearable Tech will be this Saturday, Feb 2, 1-5pm
  • We plan to make a mockup of our booth for DIY or Don't. That is already getting advertised a lot and we want to look our best for it.
  • Web Geeks want to do another Internet of Things (IOT) challenge. May be held at Mainframe studios.
  • March: Soldering class
  • April: Jason's leather working class
  • May: Painting class
  • June: Making Things Fly Camp

Labels & Space Cleanliness

  • Label your stuff.
  • If your stuff can't/shouldn't be moved, send out an alert letting people know. For example, post on the google group.
  • Please let the tool stewards know if you break something!
  • Tool stewards may want to post their phone numbers so members with questions can call instead of guessing and breaking something.
  • We need to purchase duplicate tools for various areas.
    • There should be a tape measure in every room.
    • Tool Stewards should compile list of items their area needs.
    • Each area should have an obvious place for tools to be stored
    • Stewards also need to lockable areas to store delicate tools & instruments
  • We still need to purchase lock out tags.

Security Cameras

  • They are functioning again.
  • We have 7 cameras now, Dave is getting a new computer to control it.

Large CNC Mogul

  • Members expressed the desire to have a large CNC router.
  • Background:
    • Last year Beau H agreed to help design and create a new 5'x9' CNC router based on some motors, motor controllers, and rails he already has.
    • Then in the July 2018, a friend of the space talked about letting us use his Thermwood 5'x10' machine.
    • In late 2018, it was discovered that the Thermwood wouldn't fit through the garage door to get into the space.
    • Nothing has really happened since that discovery.
  • Going forward we have a number of options:
    • Could rebuild the Frankenmogul (though it was only 4' x 4' and most agreed that is insufficient space for the investment)
    • Could design a larger CNC router based on Frankenmogul parts. (The Frankenmogul belongs to Reg so reuse of those parts would up to him)
    • Could continue working on Beau's design.
    • Could try to find a way to get Reg's Thermood into the building. (The biggest concern about the Thermwood is its price. The Frankenmogul was only worth a few thousand dollars, so if someone completely wrecked it on accident, the space would only have to pay a few thousand dollars to replace it. The Thermwood is so expensive that if it is wrecked, the space may not be able to pay to replace it.)
  • Chris mentioned he has the plans for a $900 CNC router machine.
  • Jake and Chris and Brad agreed to work more on this.


  • For March robot night, they will tear down the robot arms.
  • We need to make an official request process to use Jerry's tools.
  • Bailey, Tom & Tim created a table for the side wall in the classroom. It looks awesome.
  • Ryan might be able to get an ultrasonic parts washer. It will require 220 power though.
  • Matt G is interested in stewarding an SLA printer. It would probably go in the laser room because it will need ventilation.
  • Brad is making a hot wire styrofoam cutter for the space.
  • Could we put Jerry's plotter in the server room and turn it into a vinyl cutter
  • Server room needs organizing, Jason can bring some of his left over shelves for the purpose.

End of Meeting

  • Regarding the possibility of another Artemis (a game where different people play different roles controlling a space ship)
  • Quote of the Meeting - "Just don't wear a red shirt."