June 2016 - Board Meeting

Financial update (Bailey)

  • Memberships still down

  • ~ $800/$1000 spent on garage (including metal lathe)

  • Will be writing Tim a couple large checks for garage purchases

  • Need to post the chainlink on craigslist

Landlord relations

  • Got a key to the front door. Exists on the treasurer keychain (in the money pouch)

Garage Buildout

  • Need someone to head up the last few things to finish the fence

  • Clearing out garage of junk

Corporate Memberships

  • Updates?

Starving hacker memberships update

  • Ray is going to open dialog with the interested parties

Crowd funding campaign starting next week

On contact us page, https://area515.org/contact/, use info@area515.org instead of webmaster...

  • info@area515.org will send the email to board.

  • Anyone in board will answer, as appropriate

  • Change completed

Charge for annual training on more expensive tools to support maintenance costs of tools and tool software (Nabil)

  • Each tool will have it’s own fund to be accounted for (to adjust rates to the actual cost of the tool)

  • Nabil writing up a policy to present at the member meeting

Disposing of vending machines - make em work or get rid of em

  • Do we want to make them work or do we want to get rid of it?

  • Bring up at member meeting. If there is no member interest in making a project of the machine(s), with hard project completion dates, we will dispose of machines.


  • Twisted Art hosted by Twisted Vine - June 21 (Tuesday)

    • Still need people to volunteer

    • Got a $500 sponsorship from Source Allies

  • CNC Training going on

  • 3D printing group

  • Q3 Member Meeting (July)

    • 16/17 23/24 between 10-3 doodle poll

  • If time: debrief of million cups talk

Member meeting agenda:

  • Voting members to full if requested

  • Fundraising update

  • Training charges

  • Mini Maker Faire

  • Garage updates

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