August 2020 - Board Meeting

8/5/2020 - Area 515 Board Meeting
  • President: Dave
  • Vice President: Jake
  • Secretary: Brad
  • Director: Jason
  • Director of Education: Bailey
  • Director: Tom
  • Treasurer: Meg
Secretary's Note: Some members were present via Google Hangout.

Old Business

  • No update on 4H agreement
  • Our liability waiver was deemed "pretty solid" by the legal-type person who reviewed it. No changes needed.
  • All members should sign the new Code of Conduct. It would be nice if we could do this via SalesForce. [SalesForce status is unchanged since this recap from December 2019]
  • We should scan all the waivers we have - Brad volunteered to work on this.

Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting

Vote to approve minutes from previous meeting.
In Favor: 7
Opposed: 0
Result: PASSED.


  • Facebook check has been deposited

Membership Update: 62

SHR Renewals

  • SHR cases were discussed.
Vote to continue member 1 rate with no change.
In Favor: 7
Opposed: 0
Result: PASSED.
  • Vote to renew member 2 SHR.
In Favor: 1
Opposed: 3
Abstained: 2
Result: Member 2's SHR will not be renewed.

Space Updates

  • Caroline is setting up a Gitbook account for the space. River City Labs uses it effectively.
  • We need to update Open House notifications online.
  • Jason and Brad will work on filming a Tour of the Space
  • Carlin has been upgrading stuff in the Metal Shop. We now have a post vice and a DeWalt Impact Gun
  • Wood Shop now has a set of carbide lathe tools.
  • Ryan R is starting a "To Do" board on Trello.

Security Camera

  • Dave will work on it this Friday.

Large Tool Buy

  • The Tool Steward meeting got kind of rambly. Need to make financial decisions on electricity. It was decided to purchase a Rotary Phase Converter.
  • We will start by making a backdraft damper for the Metal Shop. Measurements were taken and components can be purchased.
  • Wood will be purchased to make more cubicles.
  • Other possible expenses were discussed including: materials for tables, possibly a welder
  • Another Tool Steward meeting will be held to make final decisions.

Front Sign Update

  • The metal cutout needs to be redone, otherwise all the materials have been purchased including the plexiglass.

Classes & Events

  • No classes scheduled.
  • Tech Journey will not do a maker class this fall.
  • In the future it will be better to focus on redoing successful classes rather than focusing on new classes.


  • Dave made a custom "10" for the classroom wall clock.
  • Bailey made a shared Google Drive available to all and is sharing docs on it.

End of Meeting

  • The Secretary failed to record an appropriately humerus comment or anecdote and would like to officially apologize.