August 2012

6:20PM* Meeting Start

Board Present: Brady White, Dave Champion, Davin Jones, Drew Walker, Ray Scheufler

Elections are coming up in September. All board members present with the exception of Drew Walker are interested in running for positions again.

An email will go out to members asking for interest and nominations to board member and officer positions.

An agreement was reached to reduce the Board from six Titles to four. The official Board Titles will be President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. There will still be 9 board positions, leaving five open Officer positions.

Election Meeting set for Wednesday, September 12th at the space. The nominations email must be sent out no later than 14 days prior to the election as per the bylaws.

  • 6:45PM*

Discussion of current Lease Agreement. Lease Agreement was alterred to apply to current space as per Ray Scheufler's edits.

Davin will draft up applicable rent levels as per membership count. Money will be needed for rent, utilities and insurance, and building up a "future fund". This will be adjusted as time goes on, accounting for changes in utility costs with the seasons, final insurance rates, and fundraising.

Ray said "arduino" with no creative adjectives to go with it.

Current space to be considered temporary, for a year or two.

RFID is a go. There is only one regular door, the other is an overhead door.

Other necessities for the space prior to actual space acquisition include a Waiver for members and visitors. Dave should be able to provide a DSL connection to the space. Davin will research laws regarding camera usage for security and acquire any signs or window stickers that are needed. Ray has the potential connections for half a dozen chairs, and some doors.

  • 7:15PM* Meeting Adjourned

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