October 2012

In attendance: barry, brady, davin, joel, nick, ray (via phone)

Grand opening

Grand opening plans were discussed. several dates were mentioned. the grand opening was decided to be held saturday, november 3 and will be promoted at both TEDx (10/13) and the tuk tuk race (10/28)

After setting the grand opening date, we discussed the membership cutoff date. nick suggested setting a cutoff date after the opening so that people could come check out the space and still have some time to make a decision or to tell all of their friends. it was decided to give a two week window before the cutoff

We discussed what is needed before the grand opening:

  • paint

  • power

  • rfid system

  • website update

    • civicrm is throwing errors

    • the from email address needs to be updated

    • need board bios

    • need a place for documents (bylaws, waivers, etc)

  • stuff in the space

    • ray can bring drinkbot

    • tuk tuk(s)

    • random power equipment

  • legalese documents

    • waiver

    • member conduct

  • insurance

TEDxDSM plans

Joel talked to Alexander, he can't get us free tickets, but can get us preferred seating. He also suggested adding lots of graphics to the presentation, we discussed adding photos that we've taken so far, potentially adding photos from other spaces

Electrical updates

We discussed the need for MOAR POWER. we weren't sure if that was our responsibility or Steve's or if it was shared. Savin had a list of needed updates

the meeting was adjourned at 8:03

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