January 2021 - Member Meeting

1/23/2021 - Area 515 Member Meeting

Total Number of Members Attending: 12

Total Number of Full Members Attending: 12 + 1 by proxy

Quorum was reached (13 Full Members were required)

Board of Directors Attending:

  • President: Dave

  • Vice President: Jake

  • Secretary: Brad

  • Director: Ryan

  • Director: Tom


  • Treasurer: Meg

  • Director: Jason

  • Currently 80 members

  • Currently 25 Full members

Secretary's Note: In light of COVID-19 this meeting took place both in person and via Google Meet.

State of the Space

  • Not burned down yet! (Recently acquired fireproof cabinet should help continue this not-burning-down streak.)

  • We've reached 80 members! New members have not cited any single source of learning about us

  • Metal Shop got new DeWalt portaband saw, and parts needed to repair metal Atlas lathe

  • Jake has made a number of Wood Shop improvements, including: new chopsaw bench, rearranged tables, ordered new 4' x 4' CNC router from OpenBuilds

  • Shun has organized the Electronics room and will start selling our surplus tools and materials

  • Jake procured 4 new tables with castors and that fold up for storage.

  • Security Camera System is improving quite a bit. Thanks to Dave and Don for working on it. More cameras have been ordered, including 2 for outside. Those will probably be mounted when the exterior sign is mounted.

  • Jason & Bailey are making major improvements to the Textiles room, part of the Big Tools Buy

    • The big postal desk currently in the Textiles room is up for sale if anyone is interested. It's made of wood and weighs a couple hundred pounds.

  • We will be updating our WiFi access point in the next month or so. Current machine will reach end of life in March. Jake has a newer model the space can use.

  • We have not yet acquired extra space to rent from our landlord.


  • We are operating in the black. In 2020 made net profit of about $7500, including donations.

  • Board of Directors passed a budget.

Large Tool Buy

  • Some stuff has already been purchased, some stuff we're still shopping for.

Membership Collaboration Proposal

  • Mainframe Studios contacted us. Dave has written up a proposal to be voted on at the next board meeting.

  • Intend to extend the proposal to Barnum Factory as well, and possibly other artist studios as well.

Clean Up Your Stuff

  • Put tools back where they belong!

  • If something isn't in use or in your cube, take it home.

  • The area by wood storage shelves is fast becoming a mess. That storage pallet rack will soon be moving to the north wall. It is meant for short term wood storage only - not long term. Members should try to limit themselves to using only 50-100 board feet of space at a time.

  • One of the members expressed interest in finding additional off site storage space. Dave mentioned that the price of storage space has more than doubled in the past year. Eventually it was decided the dicussion should be continued online in the forum.

Vote to Move Members from Supporting to Full

  • Nobody asked to be promoted.


  • One of the FS lasers needs a new tube.

  • Sharktooth laser needs to be recalibrated and its computer requires a new hard drive

    • One member has 4 computers with parallel ports he'd be willing to donate

    • Nobody has actually complained about the Sharktooth not working for the past year. Bailey will talk with Ray about if he wants to take it back.

  • Machines have started getting QR code stickers which link to instructions and manuals on how to use them.

End of Meeting

  • "Hi Dad! Hi Dad! Hi Dad!" - The Secretary's 6 year old son.

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