May 2019 - Board Meeting

5/1/2019 - Area 515 Board Meeting


President: DaveVice President: RayTreasurer: MegSecretary: BradDirector of Education: BaileyDirector: JasonDirector: Tom


Also present:

  • Ward, Caroline

Follow ups from Previous Meeting

  • Ended up with only 2 spot welders. One we will keep and the other Tim volunteered to sell. We also have a CNC redi-router fence to sell, and a router-duplicator

  • Fundraiser for wood tools has only gotten $20 so far. Wood Stewards are in charge of that.

  • Our proper legal name is "Des Moines Maker Space" and we have paperwork for the fictitious name "Area515". Facebook apparently had problem verifying our non-profit status.

  • Kiln is functional and Jason installed the proper electrical plugin

  • Bailey is still waiting on rest of our safety stuff to arrive

  • Bailey will try re-ordering the soldering iron kits after this meeting (see last meeting)


Tool Fund Totals:3D Printer: $129.10Laser: $57.11Metal: -$30CNC: $75.79Wood: $136.26Electronics: $10

  • Dave is instituting a $20 tool use fee for the metal shop.

  • We are operating in the black, monthly.

  • Year to date we are in the black, although that will change when the new wood shop tools are reimbursed.

  • Meg researched and verified that we do not charge sales tax for anything unless what we're selling doesn't align with our mission.

  • We do not have our new debit card yet, although it expires this month.

  • Technically, as a non-profit we are able to purchase things without paying tax, however in most cases the paperwork to do this is such a headache it's almost not worth it.

In for $10 Drives

  • Quick change Toolpost

    • Started by Caroline; space has $30 collected out of $140

  • Dial indicator set

    • Started by Caroline; space has $60 collected out of $60

   Vote to purchase Dial Indicator.
   In Favor: 7
   Opposed: 0
   Result: PASSED.
  • Since both items are from the same company, we agreed to wait and purchase both items together to save on shipping. If we haven't purchased the Dial Indicator by next meeting we will purchase it then.

Tool Training & Useage Discussion

  • There are people using tools without training or paying the tool fees. A board member confessed to this and apologized.

  • Dave posted online about this problem as well, reminding everyone that they're not allowed to use tools until they've been trained.

  • Tools that require training will start being labeled with a little train sticker. Bailey is purchasing the stickers.

  • Tool Stewards and Trainers are responsible for keeping track of who is and is not trained.

Space Updates

  • Will purchase another blast gate for dust collection system.

  • Caroline has fixed or upgraded many many many things around the space. Including but not limited to: a dust enclosure for the Piranha CNC, and repairs or upgrades to most of the 3D printers

  • A new tube is still waiting to go in the Sharktooth

  • A 40' ham radio mast was donated to the space. We have a place to put it and an antenna for it, but will need 50 ohm coax cable to install it.

  • Metal Shop area has been cleaned up significantly.

    • Bailey brought hooks for the backwards bicycle

    • There is a big, awkward zebra label maker that's free to whoever wants it.

  • Metal shop will do safety checks on welders, but right now there is no training on them.

  • Caroline was mentioned as becoming a trainer or steward on items in the metal shop.


  • We should put up the dry erase calendar in the classroom to advertise upcoming events

  • Making Things Fly - coming in June, please spread the word. Dave discussed 3D printing water rocket parts

  • Robot Night - next one will feature Internet Of Things (IOT) challenge.

  • Capital Crossroads lunch on May 14 with Des Moines Partnership

  • Painting class on May 25, we need more easels for it.


  • Caroline has some ideas for improving our website, using web apps rather than wordpress. In general, the new website should be as easy to use as the current website was the general discussion.

  • Some Tool Stewards are also intimidated by the wiki pages in the site. We should maybe have a tutorial for the Stewards on how to use it.


  • I am obviously not even trying to spell that word anymore.

  • There hasn't been any more movement on using Salesforce yet, interested parties should talk to Carissa.

  • We reviewed our past board of directors to ensure that no more that 33% of our income came from present or past board members.

  • Need to get a regulator, hose & gas bottle for the MIG welder.

  • At the all member meeting we should reinforce tool training.

End of Meeting

  • Japan has 2 different power grids, a 50 and a 60 hertz.

  • As of about 7:00pm on this day, 100 Zimbabwean dollars were worth almost (but not quite) 28 cents.

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