September 2016 - Member Meeting

2016 Annual Meeting Minutes

Started the meeting the traditional 10 minutes late at 2:10PM on September 17, 2016

State of the Space – Tim

  • The state of the space is strong. We are able to pay the bills every month with some left over. Will continue to reside in the present location for the foreseeable future. Still looking for a space to buy. Raised over $3000 from the Mac Book sales.

Treasury Report - Bailey

  • Account is ~$7000 up over the year. $3000 from Mac books, $500 from art show, $800 from Arduino class, dues, pop money

  • Present balance is ~$13,000, up from $6000 last year.

  • Tool training fees will be in the red for now due to dust collector but it will work itself out. Training fees are dedicated to consumables, repairs and upgrading tools over time.

Other Agenda Items

  • Large amount of discussion surrounding tool training, but the bottom line is that that people that have been trained are grand-fathered in for a year. New people should place request on the list.

  • Guests – can only use power tools with a member. May not use tools that require training. Guests are the responsibility of the member with regard to safety. We do have a spouse and family members – half off for family

  • Is there a point at which we can say everything will be solid – we need to create a list of which tools are in good working order, with blades, etc. Need to schedule a day at an increment to go through everything. The tool stewards will meet and determine the interval for each set of tools and provide an initial evaluation. Meeting date TBD.

  • Bylaw change – The current bylaws require 4 quarterly meetings and 1 annual meeting. The proposal is to allow the annual meeting to count as one quarterly meeting. Vote by writing on the ballot.

  • All of the named positions area approved communist style – unopposed.

  • Vote Outcome:

    • Amendment to allow one quarterly meeting to be held as part of the annual meeting passed by voice vote plus proxy votes after several of us forgot to write that onto the ballot.

  • President: Tim Shearhouse

  • Vice President: Nabil Hanke

  • Secretary: Ben

  • Treasurer: Bailey

  • Driectors: Tom, Ward and Brad

  • Ben is now the steward for the garage.

Meeting adjourned at 3:00PM by Tim and seconded by Bailey and Chris

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