January 2020 - Board Meeting

1/8/2020 - Area 515 Board Meeting


  • President: Dave

  • Treasurer: Meg

  • Secretary: Brad

  • Director: Tom

  • Director: Jason

  • Director of Education: Bailey


  • Vice President: Jake

Also present:

  • Ward

Results of Previous Minutes Review

  • One member suggested running electricity through a closed window in the laser room for the exterior sign, but most felt it would be easier to run directly through wall.


  • Total revenue over expenses last year: $229.84 (Although landlord hadn't cashed rent check for December when this was compiled)

  • Bank account we were planning to transfer money to has changed its rate, board no longer feels need to tranfer money there

  • Board generally liked idea of spending money on a major tool purchase, either from our CD or savings.

    • Selling surface grinder also discussed, might sell for much less than worth due to weight and lack of VFD

    • Bailey's Dad is selling a car and will donate money from sale to the space. Money will go first toward sign outside, and purchase of a vinyl cutter.

Tool Funds Update

Tool Fund Totals:

  • 3D Printers $101.10

  • CNC $150.79

  • Laser $177.11

  • Metal $135.16

  • Wood $411.26

  • Electronics $75.00

  • Automotive $107.31

  • Textiles $20.00


  • Prairie Meadows and Meredith grant application windows are coming up. Don't need audit for Prairie Meadows, will contact Meredith about need for audit. Plan is to review our rejected Microsoft grant when applying for new grants.

  • Bank of Iowa VP Mark Phillips took an interest in us after reviewing our Microsoft grant. He toured the space and met with Bailey and Jake. Says he would like to introduce us to businesses that might help us out.

  • The idea of spending money from our main bank account to perform an audit was proposed. Decided we should wait to ask how much audit will cost until after tax season.

  • Idea of creating a year round grant calendar to track all grant application windows was proposed.

  • Desire to restart Artist in Residence also mentioned. All agreed on need to change the program structure if that happens, for example Area 515 shouldn't be in charge of putting on art show.

Current Membership Count: 64

  • All agreed we need to keep working on membership promotion. Have had several interested people coming through on tours recently.

  • Dave proposed mentorship program on google group, but didn't get many replies from people wanting to help.

  • Tom still planning to start Membership Growth Strategery Committee

4H Membership Offer

  • Our draft membership agreement with them is being reviewed by an attorney for use as a template for other businesses to look at. Response from attorney should come back around end of this week.

  • We are interested in approaching 4H clubs in other counties as well. Even if they don't become members we might be able to collaborate on classes.

Large Purchase with CD Fund

  • Ultimately, Bailey agreed to schedule a face to face meeting of the Tool Stewards. The idea is to discuss purchases together, then have Stewards put forward specific proposals of what to buy, and then vote on those proposals.

Renting More Shop Space

  • Dave had the discussion with our landlord. He was "not too against it." No numbers were discussed.

Space Updates

  • Cost of installing electrical 3-way switch for south bank of lights estimated at $78 for supplies. Will also mean shutting down the shop for a Saturday to install. Jason will ask for volunteers to help when the time comes.

   Vote to go ahead with 3-way switch.
   In Favor: 5 
   Opposed: 0
   Result: PASSED.
  • Jason will start updating our Instagram account.

  • Someone approached us about running our Facebook account.

  • We were mentioned in Popular Mechanics!

  • Brad will buy metal that was already supposed to be purchased for vacuum former.

  • All of our Dremel tools have now burnt out, mainly from being used as die grinders. Dave agreed to get a Harbor Freight pneumatic grinder for the Metal Shop. Replacement of dremel tools was discussed but nothing decided, except that new ones should be labeled as not for grinding metal.

Front Sign Update

  • Tom checked with city, we don't need a permit for sign. Although it must emit no more than 500 nits of light at night, and be less than 24 square feet in size. Our plan meets these requirements.

  • Meg's company will be donating towards the sign!

  • Plan is for AC power to be converted to DC inside the building, and DC electric lines run out to the sign and the parking lot lights.

Classes & Events

  • DIY or Don't will be held in Adel this year. After much discussion it was decided not to participate in it this year.

  • The above discussion delved into how we present ourselves. It was generally agreed that we should offer more interactive activities at these kinds of events. Would be nice to offer things that people can make at our exhibit and then take home.

  • Brad suggested participating in Waukee Arts Festival. He agreed to look into what we'd need to do.

  • Due to the very low turn out on Snow Day last year, all agreed that we need to work on promoting better.

  • Classes...

    • Soldering class - January 25th

    • Board Game Night - January 31 at 6:30pm

    • February - no claases planned yet.

    • Sharpening class being planned in March (aka. "How to make things pointy!")

    • A stained glass class was discussed, to be offered sometime late summer

End of Meeting

  • Regarding the last time anyone heard from the Vice President... "Last text message I got from him was last decade."

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