October 2019 - Board Meeting

10/2/2019 - Area 515 Board Meeting


President: DaveTreasurer: MegSecretary: BradDirector of Education: BaileyDirector: Tom


Vice President: RayDirector: Jason

Also present:

  • Ward, Jake

Results of Previous Minutes Review

  • Nothing was found that needed to be reviewed.



  • One company estimated a full audit would cost at least $5k

    • Positives:

      • It would enable us to apply for much larger grants, on the order of $10k or more.

    • Negatives:

      • Some grants require the audit be in the past year, so we'd only have a year in which to apply for them once audit is done.

      • Subsequent audits are unlikely to be any less expensive than our first.

    • Audit could be done anytime during our fiscal year, which ends the end of September.

    • We could try asking for a reduced price if we sign a multi-year contract.

  • Although no decisions were made at this time...

    • Bailey will create a list of grants we would be eligible to apply for if we do an audit.

    • Meg will create a list of tasks we can do in preparation for an audit.

Savings Account

  • Midwest One is offering 2.25% interest rate on an account up to $25k.

   Vote to open account with Midwest One.
   In Favor: 5
   Opposed: 0
   Result: PASSED.

Pop Money Above Refrigerator

  • All agreed money seems to have been disappearing from the money cup for the last four months or so. Only $15 has been deposited from it all year. Options like putting in a lockbox or installing a security camera were discussed. For the time being all agreed to bring it up at the member meeting and generally be more vigilant.

  • The asking price of water bottles was also debated, but nothing decided.

Tool Funds Update

Tool Fund Totals:3D Printers $86.10CNC $130.79Laser $137.11Metal $57.16Wood $249.26Electronics $75.00Automotive $180.00Textiles $20.00

Current Membership Count

  • 55

Front Sign

  • We already have a large vinyl sign with our name and logo. Tom volunteered to e in charge of getting it mounted in front of our building.

  • Bailey estimated $800 to make a large illuminated outdoor sign.

  • We will bring this up for discussion at the member meeting.

Member Meeting

  • Decided date will be October 22, 6:30-8:30

  • Topics will include:

    • voting for board members

    • Pop Fund/community rules

    • Front sign

    • Salesforce hackathon

    • Big project collaboration list / We can haz pumpkin trebuchets?

    • Bring candy (Note: Certain board members only accept this from strangers.)

    • Request help for updating social media

    • Ask members to send photos to social@area515.org

    • Ask for marketing volunteer (see below)

    • Ask for volunteer help for Snow Day

Space Updates

  • Members organizing a salesforce hackathon - set a day for members to come and help program a member tracking system in salesforce. Meg specifically wanted to be involved to help set up the system for accounting purposes.

  • All 3 lasers now functioning.

  • Jason purchased a nice carpet vacuum for the space. It was suggested we dispose of the Dyson vacuum which has never worked.

Marketing Volunteer Proposal

  • We could start contacting marketing firms asking if they have anyone that would benefit from helping us out. We could offer to elect them to the board, most likely next year, or possibly create a special committee for them.

Classes & Events

  • Oct 18, 7-10pm Frank will hold game night

  • Oct 26 - Pillowcase sewing.

  • Nov 16 - Felting class

  • Snow Day will be held Dec 14, 1-5pm. Numerous ideas for activities to do were discussed.

End of Meeting

  • "Poodles can fly, you just need sufficient thrust." - Tom

  • "I thought I was a weirdo and then I got involved in the maker space." - Anonymous

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