April 2022 - Board Meeting

4/6/2022 Area 515 Board Meeting

4/6/2022 - Area 515 Board Meeting


  • President: Dave

  • Vice President: Jake

  • Treasurer: Meg

  • Secretary : Brad

  • Director: Tom

  • Director: Ryan (by phone)

  • Director: Carlin


Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting

Vote to approve minutes from March board meeting

Yes: 7

No: 0

Result: Passed

Automation Updates

  • System continues to work very well.

  • Brad requested that he be added to the automation system's email notifications.

  • Jake has adjusted around 15 members' PayPal email addresses in the Current Members sheet to make sure they work correctly.

  • If the automation searches through the Current Members list and doesn't find the email address it's looking for, then it will add the name to the list.

Current Membership: 87

  • One member recently paid dues and lift fee simultaneously. Error was dealt with.

  • Brad agreed to look into PayPal reports that list all non-Current Member and Tool payments

  • Carlin has a computer.

Automation Discussion Continued

  • Jakes asked what more we want from our automation system. What else do we want it to do?

  • Many non-profit directories are used for fundraising. None of the board members felt like we need to do that.

  • In the near-term, we would like to create a quarterly email that will go out to all Current Members. In that email each member can see ...

    • tools they've been trained on

    • tool fees they're current on

    • when their tool fees expire

  • In the longer-term, we want to make sure people have paid the fees for the tools they're using, eventually setting up a lock out / tag out system.

  • The possibility of having all Tool Fees begin and end on the same day of the year was discussed. Largely it was agreed that it would be convenient for book-keeping, but practically it would be a huge hassle to prorate the fees that aren't paid on that date.

Trello Review

Laser Area

  • Left laser still has a small bed area where it can't cut through. Brad has considered changing the mirrors and then refocusing the laser to try and solve the problem. He just hasn't had time for it yet.

  • Brad agreed to make a sign for the garage door reminding people not to use it to access the Wood Shop.

Vacuum Former

  • Making progress

Electronics Area

  • Will discuss putting in a new table with Bailey

Metal Shop

  • Roll Cage materials will be leaving soon

  • Will set up VFD

  • Ryan is ready for Caroline to finish adjusting the new metal lathe. She is officially a trainer for it, and can soon begin training people.

  • Still need to buy a new rack for the drill press

  • Ryan's Spectralight CNC metal mill was discussed.

    • It has been taking up space in the Metal Shop for well over a year with no sign of being completed any time soon.

    • Caroline did not want it moved over by the Piranha CNC.

    • It can only mill soft metals.

    • It was generally agreed upon that if the Spectralight isn't working in 6 months (by beginning of October) then it should be taken home. If it is working by then and it's been used, then we should keep it.

    • Jake discussed building a new CNC metal mill altogether.

Wood Shop

  • Jason is working on setting up a new planer and jointer.

  • A Sawstop table saw has been loaned and Jake is working on hooking up power to it.

  • No policy has been established regarding what to do if the sawstop is triggered.


  • Brad is still working to get the Piranaha CNC functional again.

  • In response one of his fellow directors helpfully opined "Dammit, Brad!"

  • Jake put a beg board near the Piranha.

3D Printing Area

  • The new Prusa is up and running, Jake took his home.

  • Due to a Prusa error, we got an extra print bed too!

  • The area was recently cleaned, it's cleaner now than before.

  • Caroline is continuing to work on the Rostock.

Auto Shop

  • Dave plans to change from one big table to 2 smaller benches

  • The lift is probably due for inspection. Dave will talk with our landlord about this.

  • We now have a bearing press kit.

Carpeting vs Vacuum

  • The carpet in the Laser room and, to a lesser extent, in the classroom, is frequently binding up the roller in our Oreck standup vacuum. (In a previous email one astute individual noted that our carpet was the vacuum's "greatest nemesis.")

  • The possibility of replacing the carpet was discussed. The idea of using carpet squares was mentioned, and it was pointed out that the squares in the classroom haven't caused the vacuum to bind so far. Brad suggested getting a shop vac for the laser room.

  • The classroom measures approximately 20 ' x 25'

  • Ultimately, Meg said she knew some people and could ask if they would provide a discount to a non-profit.

  • It was requested, and many agreed, that if the option were available we would prefer the carpet with the little roads printed on it for Hot Wheels cars.


  • More people need to make numbers for the wall clock in the classroom

  • Discussion ensued concerning whether a clock is always right twice a day if it is merely slow instead of stopped.

Science Center Volunteer Committee

  • On the Google group some members discussed the possibility of setting up a committee to organize volunteers for the Science Center.

  • Board members generally couldn't see a reason why we would do this. The Science Center already has people who are paid to be volunteer coordinators.

  • (Note from the future: The board thought they were being asked to set up this committee and declined. Instead, member Cody H was just asking for the board's blessing to create the committee. In response he was told that if wanted to do this he is free to do so.)

  • Discussion ensued about former collaborations we have done with the Science Center. For an exhibit on maker spaces, Area 515 created an entire stop-motion animation station. Those who worked on it were upset that no credit was given to them when it was displayed.

  • From that starting point, the discussion morphed into the topics of cave art, and human nature, before finally ending on the innovative concept of a "pee-on-floor" sensor that, once activated, can lock the bathroom door until said pee is cleaned up.

Red Bull Entry

  • Our 3D printer design was approved, but we were told we can't have electrical components.

  • The core team consists of John and Dave, but many others have volunteered to help.

  • The frame will be built from old bikes

  • We need more corrugated plastic, the kind find in campaign signs.

Meeting Adjourned

  • Prior to the meeting, the board was updated on Ryan's efforts to unclog certain drains in his house using a sewer camera. The board learned that yes, in fact, there is an entire youtube channel dedicated to sewer cameras. Ryan summed up his opinions on the it thusly, "They were about as good as I'd expected they'd be."

  • After adjourning, the discussion careened into bidets.

  • "I did overly think that people would not be dumb." - Jake, said in discussion of certain Wood Shop tool set ups

  • "You must be less than this high to use this auto lift." - Proposed sign to make if the auto lift's maximum height declines.

  • (Context lost to history) Person 1: "I'm never doing that again!" Person 2: "That solves that problem."

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