July 2016 - Board Meeting

Financial update

  • Operating in the black

  • Donated macbooks are being cleaned, prepared for sale


  • How much energy do we put into membership drive vs seeking donations?

    • Sub point, how much money are we ok with spending on flyers and advertising?

  • Match or increase last year’s spending, ~$300/yr on printing

  • Crowdfunding campaign. Git 'er done

  • Volunteer grant writer. Tim to deliver one-pager on our capital campaign

    • Find grants that might be a good fit

Maker Faire

  • Print ¼ sheet flyers to hand out

Training fees:

Git 'er done. Effective on [insert date here]. Cost will be [insert price here]. Trainers, trainees, and training expiration dates will be tracked [insert plan here].

  • Effective August 1st

  • Training expires 1 year after you take it

  • Will be tracked on Google Drive, trainers will be able to add training dates

  • Will add option of paying on the website

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