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November 2014 - Board Meeting

Agenda items

  • Financials
  • Membership status - how are we doing? What should we do to bring in new members?
  • Do we want to have Jeff under our lease?
  • The door-parts are actually on order
  • Plan for the garage
  • Bylaw review-example would be procedure for removing members
Call to order: 18:15 members present: Ray, Tom, Nabil, Sean, Barry, Bailey


  • rumors of 3 new members
  • ideas for recruiting
    • gift to iowa bike coalition
    • gifting to corps
      • ray has concerns about practicality, and fitting in with the culture - no vetting of the recipient
    • classes / merch
      • sparkfun plans on hold, need to decide what lines to carry
      • there were further concerns about the $1000 minimum, it was decided to go with adafruit until we know demand
      • another arduino class planned for Feb.
      • need help for website content
  • now that we're official, we can do kickstarter / crowdfunding campaigns
  • donations
    • tom has a meeting with his corporate "head of global donations"


  • tom mentioned we have refusal on existing space, jeff would prefer to sublease from us
    • the majority opinion was that the risk was not worth the reward vs. him taking on his own lease
    • sean advocated that expanding into that area would allow us to claim the middle area
      • vote to take jeff under our lease failed, but we'd be happy for him to come in on his own

Door parts

  • parts still on order, no further status update
    • tom will contact
      • if they keep failing, do we pass?
        • that would be bad as it may limit large tool availability - repurpose the current front room as the heavy area?
        • could we trade for the rest of the space?

Garage plan

  • security
    • contact emma from tikly about the sets from lovejoy
    • pallets / chain link
  • layout
  • needs cleaning
    • determine what's ours and what's not
    • need to scare off the oldsmobile that parks in our spot


  • cleanout
    • plans are afoot tonight
      • if the keys work

Bylaw review

  • tabled for next month

Actions for next month

meeting adjourned: 19:05