September 2015 - Member Meeting

Annual meeting September 19 2015
Meeting called to order, 14:13

Quorum call

passed, 17/28 members present, no proxy votes received

President's report (summary)

3rd annual meeting, much progress has been made
Lots of cool tools, thanks to the hard work of several members. 3 table saws in 3 years, no lost fingers!
Moving forward, lots of potential projects, lots of potential fund raising opportunities, the board will always be available to assist

Treasurer's report

$300 in paypal, $7000 in the bank, running slightly negative ($300/mo unofficially).
Bailey is going to get a professional accountant to do an audit
A request was made to move payments to dwolla, because there are no fees, but this is just a preference
The website back end is being redeveloped, and will likely require everyone to sign up again, but will also add more payment options

Dues vote

Should dues be raised: 14 yes, 3 no, vote passes To what level:' 40/430 - 14 for, 45/490 - 3 for
Starting in January, the new dues shall be $40/mo or $430/year

Bylaws votes

motion: yea/nay/abstain)
Quarterly meeting to first month: 16/0/1
Remove community member level: 16/0/1
Starving hacker rate can be requested at any time for specified duration: 16/0/1
Add corporate member level (updated verbiage that corp maintains responsibility for collecting waivers and providing copies to the board): 16/0/1
Meeting notice ( updated to proposed agenda/14 calendar days): 15/0/1

Board vote

Named board members pass, the 3 at large members are Ray Scheufler, Ward Mellerup, Sean O'Bryan
Meeting adjourned: 15:22