November 2012

Safety discussion

waivers, training, enforcement. How do you ensure only qualified persons use the dangerous toys.

Need dust collection system for the wood tools, and/or ventilation

Tool tag system

personal vs. shared vs. the space's. Colored stickers, tape or similar was mentioned.

Project storage

how to keep your stuff in one place and not hog up the tables, and still be portable/usable/convenient


drupal accounts vs. Wiki accounts. Keep the drupal "official" and the wiki free-range?

Shared spaces

respect other people's stuff, shared chores (trash, bathroom duty, kitchen, etc). General consensus: if it's not yours, leave it alone (or ask)


Discussed removing the playground, and what to do with the playground gate and the parking gates. They were tabled for Jeff's building meeting

And lots more general talk of individual projects. Check the wiki is always the answer

Meeting adjourned at 8pm

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