February 2021 - Board Meeting

2/3/2021 - Area 515 Board Meeting


  • President: Dave

  • Vice President: Jake

  • Treasurer: Meg

  • Secretary: Brad

  • Director: Jason

  • Director: Ryan

  • Director: Tom


Also Attending:

Secretary's Note: Some members were present via Google Hangout.

Old Business

  • All liability waivers have been digitized. Some have been copied to a shared drive.

  • Security System Updates: Sec system reinstalled on computer and now more stable. Still working out some storage bugs. Will be getting 2 more cameras, one in the metal shop needs to be mounted.

  • Need to schedule time to run wires through wall to outside. Hole will be used by front sign and security system so need to coordinate

  • We have new WiFi access points, need to be configured

  • Roof Leak - no news

  • New space from Jerry probably won't be available any time soon

Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting

   Vote to approve minutes from January board meeting.
   In Favor: 6
   Opposed: 1 - because why not!
   Result: PASSED.


  • Few reimbursements to do

  • Meg will check if proceeds from Carlin's knife making classes have reached the space. Jake said he saw Carlin send it. All that money will go towards the Metal Shop.

Membership Update: 75

  • ISU team needs a receipt for their membership

Space Updates

  • Ray is receptive to reclaiming his Shark Tooth laser cutter.

  • We got new tables and chairs

  • Front Door RFID reader had some trouble and wasn't updating from Current Members list. Ray and Caroline worked on it and discovered it was a problem with a new version of the one of the libraries in the program. Problem was resolved.

  • Dave will bring in a laminator machine for members to use

Big Tool Buy

  • On February 16,2021 the board voted by email to specify that we'll spend about $10,000 on the Large Tool Buy:

  Vote to approve spending about $10,000 on the Big Tool Buy.
   In Favor: 4
   No Response: 3
   'Result: PASSED.
  • Tool buy is under way. We've purchased:

    • miter saw table

    • 4 tables

    • CNC table and CNC machine

    • stuff for 3D printer room

    • some stuff from CNC fund

  • Still to purchase:

    • TIG welder

    • Metals tool box

    • Textiles room update materials

    • metal sheets to make metal tables for Metal Shop

    • we need a new laser tube

Artist Membership / Collaboration Agreement

  • The potential agreement was discussed and edited. Afterwards it was put to a vote.

  Vote to offer agreement as is to local artist collectives.
   In Favor: 7
   Opposed: 0
   Result: PASSED.

End of Meeting

  • Regarding password recovery plans: "If you have 2 you have 1, and if you have 1 you have none."

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