July 2016 - Member Meeting

State of the Space

  • Still have glasses for sale from last week's art show event
  • We have about 9k cash on hand, we are operating in the black each month
  • Metal lathe now works
  • Need to fence off the garage
    • We have the pieces just need to make it happen
  • Recurring Space Work Day
  • Long term goal is to own our own building
  • Run a crowdfunding campaign?
  • Raise 20-25k from community to go to large donors asking for grants
  • Make stuff for advertising
    • Half page fliers available to everyone to take and distribute
    • Also are fliers for company/business memberships

Maker Faire

  • Don is in charge of preparations

Tool Training Charges

  • Proposed model is annual training
  • different charges for first time vs renewal?
  • Training fee price ideas:
    • Laser is $15 or 20
    • CNC is $15 or 20
    • 3D Printer is $10 or 15
    • Woodshop is $5
  • Laser needs new $200 tube about every 2 years
  • Right now new items come from people willing to do the work
  • Pop Fund is currently consumables fund
    • At present consumables fund is $155
  • Nabil will take the lead on making a system to track who has been trained on what, what day

Let's update computers to Windows 10

  • Have some extra work stations in back, if one doesn't work in front can swap with those

We need to put up more Area 515 signage!