February 2019 - Board Meeting

2/6/2018 - Area 515 Board Meeting


President: DaveTreasurer: MegSecretary: BradDirector of Education: BaileyDirector: JasonDirector: Tom


Vice President: Ray

Also present:

Updates from Previous Meeting


  • Caroline got rid of both the login system and comment boxes on our website.

DIY or Don't Expo

  • We will have a 10'x10' table, and a rack.

  • We will put together the booth at the space this weekend (2/9 & 10) in preparation.

  • At least 4 members are selling things so far.

Front Door

  • We should get some kind of generic Nest doorbell so we can see who is outside the door. This instead of a door with a window.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

  • Ray is in charge of the committee for this. He was absent at this meeting. The board will ask him to demo what he and Carissa have done so far with Sales Force software.

Social Media Committee

  • Bailey is abdicating all social media responsibility at the end of February.

  • Dave will set up a committee to take over the responsibilities. Caroline will also be on it.


  • Wearable Tech was very successful. All kits were purchased. We made over $300 and may even get a new member from it.

  • Soldering class will be held in March. Dave will help teach. From previous experience, Bailey recommends staggering several sessions over the day.

  • There's been no further communication regarding the materials class.

Intern Program

  • Applicants need to apply to the board, not to Bailey.

  • We haven't advertised for the position yet. In the past we've posted on our website, a Drake site, Grand View site, and Facebook.

Metal Shop

  • We found several rolls of wire, so we have a few less things to purchase.

CNC Mogul

  • Reg's brother came in and speculated that he could fit Reg's CNC machine into the building somehow.

Financials Update

Tool Fund Totals:3D Printer: $251.34Laser: -$64.14Metal: $250.65CNC: $50.04Wood: $160.00Electronics: $10

  • For the month of January we were in the black by about $500.

  • January utilities were $444.97

Starving Hacker Renewal

   Vote to renew anonymous' starving hacker rate.
   In Favor: 6
   Opposed: 0
   Result: PASSED - We will renew anonymous' starving hacker rate.

Instructions for Last One Out

  • We need to print and laminate instructions for what to do if you're the last person to leave the space.

  • Brad volunteered to make the instructions look pretty, but asked for help on wording.

  • We should also put a sign on the exit from the Wood shop.

  • Tom will add a remote light switch by the door for some of the Wood shop overhead lights.

End of Meeting

  • Bailey: "I think I know what you're quote of the meeting is gonna' be."

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