July 2018 - Member Meeting

7/28/2018 - Area 515 Member Meeting

Total Number of Members Attending: 11

Total Number of Full Members Attending: 8 + 1 by proxy

No quorum was reached (12 Full Members were required)

Board of Directors Attending:

  • Vice President: Don

  • Secretary: Brad

  • Director of Education: Bailey

  • Director: Chris


  • President: Tim

  • Treasurer: Meg

  • Director: Tom

State of the Space

Financial Update

  • We broke even the last 2 months.

  • Still have over $20k in bank accounts

  • We received 2 grants from Prairie Meadows:

    • The first is a maker's education grant that will fund:

      • A class for middle school students that makes flying machines

      • A number of weekend workshops including

        • Wearable Tech workshop

        • Wood working workshop

        • Some kind of welding workshop

        • Electronics workshop of some kind

    • The second Prairie Meadows grant will, in combination with our Bravo grant, fully fund our Artist in Residency Program!

Artist in Residency Show

  • Will run October 18, from noon to midnight at the Decades Event Center

  • Bailey is in charge of planning and organizing this.

  • Thanks to the Prairie Meadows grant we will pay for a cop and bartender at the event in order for Decades to provide some alcohol sales.

  • One of our resident artists backed out on us so there will only be 4 artist in residency works at the art show.

  • Members are invited to come display their creations at the art show as well!

  • After the show we only need to remove our artworks, we will not need to clean the venue.

Maker Faire 2018

  • Bailey will be in charge of planning and organizing our participation in this as well.

  • We only signed up for 4 tables, but for the last few years they've given us an entire wall to display our stuff.

  • Anything that members would like to display would be welcome, but be aware this is a kid-friendly faire and items are likely to be picked up and touched by young children.

  • We are planning to have the 3D printer there

  • Bailey may also put together a slide show so that more can be displayed without physically hauling stuff.

We're Moving! Conversation

Initial Moving Discussion

  • Hey! Did you know we're moving!??

  • Due to increased rent at new location we will be losing money each month at the new space. We need to recalculate how many new members we will need in order to start breaking even. Brad F volunteered to calculate that.

Moving Schedule

  • The first major all-volunteer moving day will be this Saturday August 4th. Please bring whatever you can to help move. Buffalo Wild Wings will donate lunch! The goal for this day will be to physically move everything out of the old space and into the new space with boxes going to their correct area. Unboxing each area will be left to the tool stewards.

  • From now on everything in the space can be packed into boxes. Everything should be boxed by Friday, Aug 3rd.

  • Important Rent Paying Dates:

    • August will be last month paying rent at 1731 Grand location.

    • September 1 will be first rent payment at 108 Jefferson location. Landlord gave us August rent free in goodwill gesture due to some moving complications.

  • No Open Houses will be held for the next 2 weeks.

New Space Improvements

  • Volunteers are continuing to paint the new space, more help is welcome.

  • Classroom is painted and torn carpet has been replaced.

  • Laser room has also been painted. Simple adapters for the ventilation will be purchased after move in. Jason will check if the room can be hooked up to the AC in the other rooms.

  • Ray still needs to finish RFID set up for the new space. It will consist of two boxes, one inside and one outside.

  • Chris will look into finding a secure front door with a window.

  • Taylor volunteered to make the french cleats for the wood shop. Jake has several pieces of equipment ready to lend to the wood shop when we move in, one of which is a tablesaw. Chris speculated about using the current table saw as a cutting wheel.

Packing Old Space in Boxes

  • Everyone is now welcome to pack everything that is not highly specialized. For instance: laser cutters and 3D printers should only be packed by tool stewards, items on metal shelves in wood shop can be packed by anyone

  • When packing boxes BE SURE TO LABEL WHICH SECTION THE BOX SHOULD GO TO. More detailed descriptions of what are in the boxes would be nice but not necessary.

  • Hardware like screwdrivers and hand tools should be packed last, so that if they are needed to disassemble anything in the old space they will be accessible.

  • Pottery molds in garage have been given to Art Force. On a tangential note, Art Force seems to have a lot in common with us and in the future we should look into collaborating with them.

Upgrading Memberships from Supporting to Full

  • Nobody asked to upgrade their membership

End of Meeting

  • Quote of the Meeting - Don: "This meeting will now come to order." *Sound of rubber mallet being pounded on the table*

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