December 2020 - Board Meeting

12/2/2020 - Area 515 Board Meeting


  • President: Dave

  • Vice President: Jake

  • Treasurer: Meg

  • Secretary: Brad

  • Director: Jason

  • Director: Ryan


  • Director: Tom

Also Attending:

  • Carlin

  • Caroline

  • Ward

Secretary's Note: Some members were present via Google Hangout.

Old Business

  • Waivers still need to be transferred to Google drive

  • Front Sign Update - No new movement

  • Security System has started crashing again.

    • Good news is that we've found a way to view camera feeds on a cell phone from anywhere

    • Bad news is that file system sporadically becomes read only for some reason.

    • Planning to get outdoor cameras added to system as well

Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting

  • The Secretary goofed. Minutes from the previous meeting weren't completed in time for this meeting.


  • A one time order has been setup on Amazon, it will be turned into a recurring order.

    • Amazon accidentally sent us bleach twice.

    • We need more paper towels

    • Simple Green should also be added to recurring quarterly purchase

  • Dave bought stuff for the Auto and Metal Shops. He'll submit invoice. Part of his purchases will also be a donation for his time on the lift. Dave also purchased and replaced a light in the space. He can be reimbursed via PayPal

  • Caroline emailed out a list of items to purchase for the Piranha and Big Atlas lathe. Brad agreed to purchase them and get reimbursed.

Membership Update: 68

Space Updates

  • One of the laser cutters lost almost all power and probably needs a new tube. It's impractical to purchase laser tubes ahead of time since they degrade in storage. Additionally, Ray's PC on the Sharktooth needs a new drive.

  • There are several small roof leaks in the space, one over the tablesaw and one in the Laser room. Jerry thinks some parts of the roof were damaged by the derecho and the roof is under warranty. He is going to get them fixed.

  • There's been no movement on Area 515 renting out more space.

  • Jason made space for the Flammables cabinet, but had no way to move or lift it into place.

  • Our Benevity membership expired. Meg will look into renewing it.

  • Concrete Pad update: work will wait until Spring. We also need to ask Jerry where to dump the dirt we dig up.

Finishing Tent

  • We have a collapsible tent, but no ventilation for it. We would like a portable tent with ventilation.

  • After much discussion, it was decided to ask Jerry about possibility of adding a snorkel to the roof, and perhaps building a small room in the wood shop by the roll up door to the Laser room.

Classes & Events

  • Carlin has knife making classes ready to teach. He has over 50 people lined up. Each class lasts 8-9 hours. He estimates the space getting 20 new members as a result.

   Vote to let Carlin start offering classes. 20% of the class fees will go to the space, with all of that money earmarked for the Metal Shop.
   In Favor: 6
   Opposed: 0
   Result: PASSED.

Metal Shop Trainer

   Vote to add Carlin as Metal Shop Trainer.
   In Favor: 6
   Opposed: 0
   Result: PASSED.


  • Ryan brought in a measuring microscope for members to use.

  • Jake proposed a framework for future business memberships in his presentation. We wondered if Facebook would be interested a business membership.

  • Discussion ensued about making metal tables for the Metal Shop using the cutting torch that Ryan brought in

  • Discussion ensued about what to buy for the Large Tool Buy

End of Meeting

  • This space unintentionally not left blank.

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