February 2017 - Board Meeting

6:44 PM

Attendees: Brad, Tom, Ward, Meg, Ben, Bailey, Tim

Financial Update: “Meg, please help us.”

New policies for accountability.

Q: Who will update the spreadsheets? How do we track our items and our payments?

A: Brad does this, but everyone on the board has access to the spreadsheets.

Let’s just get an official policy, and improve from there.

What do we want from the monthly financial report?

When should we issue financial reports (required by law)?

How do we want to do the accounting? Cash or accrual accounting? Or something else?

We need to do an inventory of what we own.

Our insurance is liability only, and we will look at adding theft insurance (we’ve grown considerably)

We can’t do new Dwolla accounts, but existing accounts can still make payments.

Bailey’s Update

Consumables have been purchased. Ray has receipts to turn in.

Adam is moving away, so we need a new intern.

Bailey would like some help with interviews; she’ll have ads posted at Drake and Grandview.

Allan has done training on Adword, and he wants to be a professional grantwriter.

Ought we bake the writer’s fee into the grant, to provide incentive to our writer?

   -Unanimous vote to allow Alan to take 10% out of any grant he gets for us. 

We can give him free rein to pursue any grants that are within our mission statement, and the board will review anything not normally in our mission.

Regarding donations of equipment in exchange for membership: case by case basis. Generally we won’t consider this unless the donation is particularly valuable (and preferably salable for greater than a membership fee).

New teacher wants to run classes.

Proposal: Emily Birkland at Iowa Innovation ???? wants to make a kids’ Makerspace. Would we allow a kid camp to come in the morning for a week?

Meg will look into getting grants for kids’ education.

Property Update

The property owner and the city are working together. The process is moving forward. Probably done by the end of February.

Building probably won’t be condemned.

When we move, perhaps someone could take charge of photographing and documenting our property and tools.

Maybe three weeks until the back space is finished.

Follow up with Don about electrical work in the back.

Tim will take time to do floors.

Memberships and Events

Chris has been bringing in members with his woodworking classes and events. He is putting together small, introductory classes.

LMG Security wants to hold classes for sys-admin types.

They would give us 20% of their $400-$500/person fees.

How can we do more workshops?

Artist Residency Permit:

Should we admit writers/performance? Yes.

The deadline for applications is March 31st.

Let’s give the materials reimbursement out on demand (with receipts).

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