January 2024 - Member Meeting

January 20, 2024 - Member Meeting

January 20, 2024 - Member Meeting

Total Number of Full Members Attending (including proxy votes): 16

Quorum required 12 Full Members, and so was reached

Board of Directors Attending:

  • President: Dave

  • Vice President: Jake

  • Secretary: Brad

  • Director: Jason

  • Director: John

  • Director: Carlin (by proxy)


  • Tool Fees have been "horrible." Few members have paid them. Our tools have been getting nicer over the years, so upkeep expenses have increased as well. The Wood Shop Stewards have said their Tool Fee in particular may need to be doubled or more in the future.

  • Jake and Meg met to hold an Investment Committee meeting and decided not to change anything.

Membership Rate Increase

  • Brad was able to implement the increase for about 2/3rds of members by raising their subscription fees within PayPal. For these members, PayPal sent out emails notifying them of the increase.

  • The other 1/3rd of members will have to cancel their PayPal subscriptions and sign back up again through the website. Brad sent out an email to each of them explaining how to do this, and will be following up on them in the coming weeks.

  • Many thanks to John and Caroline for helping to get the new PayPal membership button up and running on our website. Thanks also to Jake for updating the Zapier automation that tracks membership payments.

State of the Space

  • The Community Engagement Committee (CEC) lost one of its founding members who moved to England. Anyone interested in joining should start hanging out with the other CEC members Tuesday nights. The CEC has largely taken over Open House duties, plus it's a really fun group of people to hang out with.

  • Board Game Night will be held: Feb. 16 - 6:30pm. Bring anyone you want, also bring snacks and any board games you like to play. You might also bring a chair in case we run out here at the space.

  • We've given more tours during Open House this month than usual. We've also had a higher number of visitors sign up to become new members. We're still not actively promoting ourselves. Most people who visit have heard of us by word of mouth.

Possible New Location

  • One of our members has a boss looking for a new tenant in his industrial building. Some board members toured it and found it could be quite suitable for our needs.

  • The possible new location is about 12,000 ft². In comparison our current location is about 5.5 ft².

  • In order to cover the cost of the new location, we would need around 140-150 members. A percent increase close to the same percent increase that was needed to support previous moves (and which was accomplished).

  • We could also pay the rent by cordoning off sections for storage and renting them to members. We could cordon off 20' x 20' areas, 10' x 10' areas, or even 5' x 5' areas. If we charged around $1 per square foot that would be roughly on par with what other rental units cost.

    • Questions came up regarding who would be put in charge of the storage rentals and how evictions would work. It might be difficult to find a volunteer willing to manage them.

    • It was wondered if managing the rental space would be enough work to justify hiring someone full time.

    • Many members agreed that if the space keeps growing a paid employee will need to be hired eventually.

  • A vote on whether or not to keep pursuing this new location was mentioned, but was never seconded. Most members seemed supportive of looking into it further.

  • The desire to have someone around to write grants was expressed. It was again pointed out that grant writing tends to be a full time job.

Space Work Nights

  • Typically the 3rd Thursday evening of every month is a Space Work Day where members come in, clean up, and do space-related projects. Historically, only a handful of the same people come in. Last year, Dave started sending personalized invites to new members asking them to attend. That started out working quite well, but subsequent Work days have been less and less well attended.

  • Members were reminded that there are clean-up to-do lists on the wall, so members can contribute any day of the month.

  • The idea of new members taking an Orientation class before getting their key was brought up.

  • The Board of Directors has also received emails offering janitorial services. Pricing those services was mentioned as a possibility, but that cost would be transferred on to members.

  • Garbage cans in particular were pointed out for often overflowing, when anybody can empty them in the courtyard dumpsters.

  • Some members come but don't participate in Space Work days, working on their own projects instead, much to the frustration of those participating in the Space Work Day.

  • One member, Isaiah, was singled out for praise since he put down his own project and helped out during a Work Night he inadvertently attended.

  • Additional signage to encourage cleaning was suggested, but it was also pointed out that after a few viewings, signs tend to get ignored completely.

  • Many members said they'd be more available to help during weekends.

  • It was eventually decided that Space Work Days would start happening twice a month. One on the third Thursday evening, and the second on a Sunday evening yet to be determined. The space would also shut down to all member projects during those times.

Tool Area Updates

  • General reminder: Safety is everyone's responsibility!

Wood Shop

  • Board approved $3k to upgrade the dust collection system

  • A new planer was purchased, it's almost ready for member use.

  • The drum sander, which belongs to Jake, will probably never be available to members again. It needs over $600 in repairs from member abuse.


  • The new spindle and VFD for the Lead has arrived, the VFD is waiting on Jason to set up. Caroline made a new spindle holder.

Metal Shop

  • A rotary phase converter to power the bridgeport-like mill and surface grinder was purchased. It is waiting on Jason to finish setting up.

  • Jason got the exhaust fan up and running again. It's runs on low speed only and should be turned off when nobody is there.

Auto Shop

  • After accusing everybody and their mother of stealing a particular ratchet, the Steward embarrassingly found it in his own possession. (And fessed up to it, much to his credit.)


  • There's an "In for $10" to purchase a new leather sewing machine. It could use more donors.


  • Bailey, one of the Electronics Stewards, is planning to rearrange the Electronics room to make it more useful for stained glass window makers.

3D Printers

  • Two additional trainers have been added: John and Matt

  • Another Prusa has been purchased.

  • The Voron machine should be working shortly.

  • The newest Prusa MMU isn't ready for member training yet.

Laser Cutters

  • Only one Full Spectrum machine is working.

  • Stewards are looking into purchasing a 100 watt laser.

Vinyl Cutter

  • Got a couple more members trained!

Vacuum Former

  • This is still waiting on Jason to complete.


  • Jason brought in a collapsible photo booth. It needs a Steward to look after it.

  • On Feb 1st the Wood Shop will be throwing out wood!

    • All wood needs to be labeled and taken home.

    • Unclaimed lumber will go in a large green box out back. This will be announced before hand.

    • There are some wood slabs left by former members that can be claimed by people now.

    • Reminder: Nothing should stick out of storage cubbys.

  • Someone mistakenly thought they were trained on the TIG welder and then damaged it.

  • The board approved and purchased a Synology unit for file sharing between space computers. It should be up and running soon.

  • The space's GoPro was lost until this meeting, when a member said they had it.

Next Member Meeting

  • Will be held on Saturday, April 13th at 3:00pm

Meeting Adjourned

  • "It's not Jenga." - in reference to the way items are stacked in overflowing trash cans.

  • "Start the bonfire!" - tongue in cheek reference to the anticipated Wood Shop cleaning

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