May 2019 - Member Meeting

5/11/2019 - Area 515 Member Meeting

Total Number of Members Attending: 12

Total Number of Full Members Attending: 10 + 3 by proxy

Quorum was reached (11 Full Members were required)

Board of Directors Attending:

President: DaveSecretary: BradDirector: Jason


Vice President: RayTreasurer: MegDirector: TomDirector of Education: Bailey

State of the Space

  • We have money and members.


  • Since Treasurer was absent, no financial update was given.

  • Some people have questions about the amount listed in each tool fund.

Tools Discussions

  • Some tools are missing, specifically a Bosch router.

  • Matt is missing a DeWalt drill and impact driver

  • People should put tools back when they are done with them.

  • Reminder: Members have to be trained before they can use power equipment.

  • Every tool steward can access the spreadsheet for who is trained on everything.

  • Maybe we should put a motion sensor in the laser room. (I don't remember the context for this statement, but it's in my notes so I'm writing it here.)

Promotion to Full Membership

  • No supporting members elected to become full members.

Upcoming Classes & Events

  • Capital Crossroads event this month. They go to a different business location every month.

  • Drone Racing Group interested in teaching drone construction here.

  • Dave will be teaching an auto class on July 20

  • Jyll will teach painting class on May 25

  • Brad will teach Making Things Fly June 3-7

  • Jason will teach a basic guitar maintenance workshop in August

  • A wood burning workshop is coming up as well

  • Shun made spreadsheet of future classes

Should we capitalize the shop names?

  • Yeah, probably.

  • Frank volunteered to help edit documentation

  • Dave wants a wiki class for the tools stewards. Adding further WYSISWYG plugins to existing wiki also mentioned.

  • Brad volunteered to take write ups from Tool Stewards and update the wiki himself

Vacuum Former

  • Waiting on purchase of specific supplies which were sent to the board in an email.

  • Will need polyurethane

  • Will try to get wiring from Restore

  • Will need help welding carrier frame.


  • Habitat for Humanity needs volunteers to assemble cabinets

Label Your Stuff

  • Label maker needs more label tape.

  • We should get security labels for big things


  • Caroline has almost finish fine-tuning all of our 3D printers.

    • The space now owns 3 printers.

    • Caroline is holding off on the Prusa MMU until its software bugs are worked out.

  • New spot welder in electronics lab. We will sell the other spot welder that was donated.

  • Textiles has the big loom set up.

  • Jason is donating a bin of leather working tools and a hand crank leather sewing machine. There is no tool use fee for the leather.

  • Auto Shop is up and running. Contact Dave to schedule time on the lift, which is $15 per day.

  • Metal Shop is somewhat clean and usable. Right now they don't offer any training on the welder. If you already know how to weld the stewards will need to observe you in order to get certified. There was discussion about asking Ralph Young to come teach.

  • Dust collection system working in Wood Shop

  • Lasers are functional. Sharktooth has new focusing block.

  • Plan to install a 40' mast for Ham radio

  • There are no known specific details concerning how courtyard area is shared with neighbors.

  • Caroline built fume extractors for soldering. They are in the Electronics Shop.

  • Piranha is now capable of milling PCBs thanks to Caroline's upgrades.

  • Jason planning to build a 6' x 6' x 6' collapsible spray paint booth.

  • There is a harbor freight air spray brush in the Textiles Shop.

End of Meeting

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