March 2017 - Board Meeting

Makerspace Board Meeting Minutes

6:45 PM 3/1/2017

Board Attendees: Ben, Tim, Brad, Ward, Meg

Member Attendees: Bailey, Chris

State of the Space

  1. Work permits are in for the apartments but not the back/new space.

  2. 42 members, 45 if accounts are made current

  3. We got an article in the paper.

Bailey’s Report

  1. Soldering demonstration went well.

  2. Summer classes are planned, but no money.

  3. Four potential interns, Brad will help interview

  4. Seven artist residency applicants; application review on 4/7 or 4/8; possible Pioneer money for art show.


  1. $21k in the bank.

  2. ~$200/mo. profit, accounting for rent increase at new space.

Volunteer Position

  1. Tim will explore finding a volunteer from the spouse of an H1-B holder, to help us with technical issues. Voted 5/7 to create position.

Events and Workshops

  1. LMG (sp?) Security wants to pay us $100/registrant (from a $500 fee) for a class they would like to hold. They want to give an intro talk without paying us. They will hold the paying class by the end of summer.


  1. Redbull wants to give us Redbull, NSA.

  2. We agree that we would require ongoing financial support if a company would like ongoing product/logo placement.

  3. Brad will create and send out a survey to gauge members’ attitudes on sponsorship.


  1. We need to start vetting members/photocopying drivers’ licenses.

  2. We will upgrade the security system to at least 4 cameras (prefer 6)

  3. Board grants (5/7) conditional approval of up to $1500 for security upgrades.

  4. We will consider new/better insurance policies for the future.

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