July 2014

Board meeting

attendees: brady, bailey, ray, tom, barry, dave


contact everyone you know, bailey has list of makerspaces and makerspace-like entities in the region. flyer is done. Make(tm) blessing not 100% confirmed. Julie on honeymoon, no other responses from SCI. bailey sent stuff to random people online for participation

another meeting is scheduled for tomorrow night

at this point, market, market, market. if you have projects to show off, step up. we've been told we can have as much space as we want wherever we want it

groups that are currently interested: lego group, flying monkeys, toool. fire spinners?

Membership meeting


Lovejoy concerns:

  • $$$$

  • keeping up membership/dues

  • getting gentrified

Mickle concerns:

  • no garage

  • neighbors/parking

  • work required before we can move in

General concerns:

  • how many new memberships will be required to maintain income

  • what is our 5 year plan beyond get tools, get members

Move for vote by ray @19:55: which location option do we pursue?

  • lovejoy - 13

  • whittier - 0

  • mickle - 0

  • keep looking - 1

Whittier next steps:

  • Tom talked to steve (!), he does not have a problem with us signing our share back over

  • Tom reviewed our contract (had reviewed?) - it mentions being modified from the "master agreement" which no one has seen

  • Also agreement is between area515 (which is not us (legally)) and whittier partners llc, which was dissolved by the state last year

Lovejoy next steps:

  • Get firmer details from Don

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