March 2019 - Board Meeting

3/6/2018 - Area 515 Board Meeting


President: DaveVice President: RayTreasurer: MegDirector of Education: Bailey


Secretary: BradDirector: JasonDirector: Tom

Front Door

  • No change yet.

  • Weather stripping falling off - need to change. Will use finish nails

  • Dave added reminder to door on how to close up if you're last one in space

Social Media Committee

  • Has not met yet. Bailey will meet with Caroline.

Soldering Class

  • Saturday, March 9; have posted some on Facebook

Metal Shop Electric

  • Will get wired up Sunday, March 24 by Steve, Dave & Jason. A new member, a retired electrician will help

CNC Group Meeting

  • On Saturday

  • Option for Reg's machine is gone

  • Paul would like to trade robot arms for other stuff


DIY or Don't

  • Had bad weather, was not a huge success. Had low sales.

    • $100 Book

    • $134 Printing

    • Got $50 net sales

Other Expenses

  • Metal shop spent $52.84

  • 3D printer spent $95 & $61


  • Megan will check rates

New Members

  • 4 this week

Sales Force Demo

  • Done by Ray and Karissa with help from Caroline

  • 10 licenses

  • Tabs at top

  • Contact > Members > Households; family members would be in same household

  • Could also use this for Grant organizations

  • This is super cool!!!

  • They will work on functionality of door keys

  • Caroline & Karissa would like to have completely functional in 3 months


  • NO parking at Post Office across the street!


  • Iowa STEM grant submitted

  • Discussed need to apply for more grants

3D Printing

  • They want a door


  • Bailey has a new contact with 4H, Altoona extension

IEEE Meeting

  • Held here last week; potential source of new members

DM Engineers Club

  • Bailey giving some tours to them on 3/14

Game Night

  • 3/22

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