June 2020 - Board Meeting

6/2/2020 - Area 515 Board Meeting
  • President: Dave
  • Vice President: Jake
  • Treasurer: Meg
  • Secretary: Brad
  • Director: Jason
  • Director of Education: Bailey
  • Director: Tom
Also present:
  • Don
Secretary's Note: Some members of this meeting were present via Google Hangout.

Review of Previous Minutes Review

  • Jason is on page 10 of 52 of the assembly instructions for his CNC machine.
  • We returned the person's 3D printer
  • No update from Tech Journey or 4H


  • Brad F was reimbursed for metal for the Vacuum Former
  • Bailey will be reimbursed for cost of purchasing vinyl cutter


  • Dave has not heard from anyone new.
  • Only one person will be reimbursed, and they will be reimbursed approx $65.
  • Dave will email other members asking if they want to be reimbursed.

Current Member Count: 57

  • Briefly discussed emailing people to let them know we're still open


  • Jason and Bailey are attening online.
  • Costs $600/year for the space (or a person) to be a member. It gets you access to their people who're good at fundraising and legal advice.
  • They're willing to send posters of their Code of Conduct.

Space Updates

  • Setting up the Security Camera system needs to become a priority.
  • We need a new light for the Metal Shop drill press
  • Members need to stop painting inside. The fumes are too much.
  • Jason noticed a hydraulic leak in auto lift. It has since been repaired.
  • We need to measure for gravity dampers for a Metal Shop fan.
  • There's been a BMW parked out front for the last month. It's probably been abandoned.
  • Some new members seem to be following us on Instagram before joining.
  • A potential new member who seems very knowledgeable talked about...
    • teaching a knife making class
    • bringing in a metal buffer
    • bringing in a portable forge
    • using kiln as heat treating oven for metal

Vinyl Cutter is here

  • Bailey is Tool Steward. She's working on getting it set up and installing the software.
  • Dave donated a laptop to dedicate to the vinyl cutter software.
  • Already made some signs for the space.

Computer Specific Updates

  • Sharktooth computer needs (we think) a new hard drive. Otherwise it needs a new computer with a parallel port
  • There was discussion of BOFH members establishing Admin accounts on all space computers.
  • Note: BOFH is an email group of IT people for the space. There's no real leader. They're kind of dysfunctional, but yet they don't want too many new members either.
  • We need to get a router to separate our network from Jerry's. Then we can also establish static IPs for the FS laser cutters.

Electrical Specific Updates

  • A problem occurred with the electrical circuit the new outdoor light is on. The entire run may need to be pulled.
  • An old switch had to be replaced with a higher amp switch.
  • Jason would like to start replacing lights in the Wood Shop, but we need a way to reach them. One of the members may have a lift we can borrow, also Jason will talk to a rental company.

Classes and Events

  • Nothing is scheduled
  • The Making Things Fly camp has been canceled. We intend to try again next year, but start advertising for it this November.
  • Bailey volunteered to set up a Doodle poll to pick date of next Member's Meeting.

End of Meeting

  • Quote of the Meeting: "It was gloss white barn paint in a non-ventilated area... I said, somebody besides me needs to do this."