February 2016 - Member Meeting

State of the space

  • We’ve grown and stabilized at ~35 members. We’re stable enough to pay the rent and utilities, but would like to continue growing so the space can afford more toolage, possibly a bigger space someday.

Space finances

  • On the edge of profitable, just in the black. Lower utilities have helped.
  • Need members who are still paying $37.50 to update their subscriptions to $40/mo
  • $1,000 from the John Deere Foundation, will use for the garage buildout.

Art show recap

  • Significant interest in our space, tools, and group. Would like to replicate this success with other events.

Future events

  • Kids’ racing? See Dave’s previous post to the list. Would need mentors.
  • Line tracking robot workshop
  • Woodworking workshops?
  • More interest groups and recurring meetups
    • Tim is bringing back microcontroller night
    • A 3D printing group was suggested, but no one would agree to lead it
    • Ham radio group, and offer VE testing?

Garage buildout

  • Need walls, need good lighting. Suggested we use fencing, and securely wall off a smaller section for tool storage.
  • Electric
  • Need heavy metal work tables
  • Move one of our security cameras to the garage

Marketing the space: What will help attract new members?

  • Continue to push photos, project writeups, events to social media
  • Send flyers to companies
    • Break room flyers to advertise individual memberships
    • Different flyers to advertise corporate memberships
  • Booth at farmer’s market?
    • Can show cutting boards, other things we can make, and hand out flyers
    • Free to register as a non-for-profit, if we advertise but don’t sell.

If we were to move to another space, what part of town?

  • Several votes for in / near downtown.
  • Noted there are many potential members living on the west end.