April 2022 - Member Meeting

April 30, 2022 - Member Meeting

4/30/2022 - Area 515 Member Meeting

Total Number of Full Members Attending: 10 + 2 proxies

Quorum was reached (12 Full Members were required)

Board of Directors Attending:

  • President: Dave

  • Vice President: Jake

  • Treasurer: Meg

  • Director: Tom

  • Director: Ryan

Secretary's Note: Big thank you to Meghan for taking notes at this meeting!

State of the Space

Wood Shop and Metal Shop

  • Discussion of safety and misused tools in Wood Shop area.

  • Discussed electrical availablity and outlet ratings; Jason has new breakers and wire for future upgrades

  • Member Darron R will donate use of a scissor lift for electrical projects but he is currently working out of town

  • Next Wood Shop class will be in June

  • The new Prusa 3D printer is here. Jake took his back home.

  • Discussed creating boxes for organizing the electronics drawers

  • The Metal Shop discussed an In for $10 to buy a finger break for the hydraulic press. It would be about $325 for the kit.

  • Metal Shop is looking for steel barrels to clean up aluminum castings outside.

  • A lean-to for the Metals Shop was discussed, as well as adding more rock to the courtyard for safety.


  • We're operating in the black.

Space Updates

  • Megan is meeting with a commercial floorer this week to get a quote for new carpet in the classroom and possibly laser room. The floorer has remnant to donate.

  • Jake discussed membership payment automation

    • Some specific issues arose with a couple old members. They should be ironed out once those members cancel auto payments and restart new ones.

  • Jake discussed how tool fee payments are also automatically updating on the Tools spreadsheet.

    • There are some issues with this automation to iron out as well.

    • The idea of sending periodic emails to members letting them know what Tool Fees they've paid was floated.

  • Since our payment automation has been accomplished using Zapier. We no longer have any reason to pursue SalesForce in our workflow. We don't need it for fundraising campaigns or tracking former members, etc.

  • The idea of a newsletter was raised. Nobody was interested in writing it.

  • Recently had a bug arise in the door lock system. Caroline and Ray fixed it quickly.

  • The idea of replacing our door locks was raised. We've had trouble with people leaving the back door (by the garage) unlocked. The idea of giving Jerry's employees keys was also suggested.

  • Tool Stewards should all be using Trello boards now. The Trello boards are reviewed at every board meeting.

  • Code of Conduct - All in attendance have signed it.

  • The Red Bull Soapbox Derby will be on 6/18. The Area 515 team is pursing leads on materials for their racer.

  • Per Jason (who is running it) our most liked photos on Instagram were...

    1. A photo of Frank looking lost in the shop with sunshine around him

    2. A barrel full of sawdust

  • The 3D printing meetup wants to change its location on our calendar.

  • The next quarterly meeting is scheduled for Saturday, July 30 at 2pm.

  • Tom donated a new computer for the CNC Piranha

  • A proposal to invest in I Bonds was raised. Megan volunteered to look at our Bylaws and write a potential investment policy that would cover government bonds. She'll also look at rates before the next board meeting.

Meeting Adjourned

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