November 2021 - Board Meeting

11/3/2021 - Area 515 Board Meeting

11/3/2021 - Area 515 Board Meeting


  • President: Dave

  • Vice President: Jake

  • Treasurer: Meg

  • Secretary: Brad

  • Director: Ryan

  • Director: Tom

  • Director: Carlin


Also attending:

  • Jason B

Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting

Vote to approve minutes from October board meeting
No: 0
Result: Passed

Old Business

  • The rest of the money from face shield donations has been successfully donated to Primary Health Care Iowa [(]

  • Anti Terrorism thing for insurance has been signed

  • It would be fun to revive board game night

  • No updates on any of the following:

    • Code of Conduct signing (Although it was suggested we look into Docusign for this)

    • Appreciation party for Face Shield team

Welcome New Board Member

  • Someone will help Carlin get set up with our shared documents in DropBox and Google drive


  • Our insurance was paid for

  • Meg had to go to USPS in person to pay for our PO Box. For some reason the person there acted annoyed about it.

  • Meg completed the re-certification for Benevity

  • Adding an additional check signer was discussed. Currently only Brad is able to sign checks. Jake volunteered to do it. Meg will forward her contact at West Bank to Brad.

  • No change to CD, it renewed for another 12 months.

Pop Fund

  • It was suggested that we could find cheaper places to buy our soda. Only a few people tend to refill the pop supply.

  • Funding works on the honor system, using the cup of money on top of the fridge. As an organization we're growing large enough that that system might need to change. We could insist that pop receipts are reimbursed through PayPal rather than taking from the jar.

  • The pop that disappears regularly is the Mt. Dew and Cokes. It was generally agreed that, except for the original, all the flavors of Mt. Dew are awful!

  • Fareway and Dollar General are good places to purchase pop cheaply.

  • A new lockbox for the pop money was found.

Membership Update: 79

  • 4 "young folks" got tours yesterday

Space Updates

  • The front door is working, but the exterior box portion had standing water in it and needed to be replaced.

  • Carlin will schedule a blacksmith hammer in for sometime next year. (The Secretary is udderly confused about what this means, but he wrote it down, so now it's officially in the notes.)

  • Ryan brought in a large bag of plastic storage bags

  • The possibility of getting a rotary phase converter was discussed.

  • Chris J has said he will bring in his TIG welder but this hasn't happened yet.

  • Progress is being made getting the new metal lathe ready for member use. 1 gear is now useable, there are 2 more to be cleaned out

SalesForce & Membership Automation

  • Since memberships are no longer being updated automatically, some members are complaining about being late payment emails. The late payment emails are sent automatically about a day after a membership expires. In many cases the memberships were advanced within hours of when the late email was sent, but the members themselves have no way to know this. The Secretary said he would work more on Salesforce and getting automation up and running again.

    • It was also decided that the late payment email automation should be stopped.

Front Sign Progress

  • Tom has all the parts for the sign cut out and ready to assemble this upcoming Sunday. Carlin volunteered to help him out. Once the sign is assembled and hung outside, a hole through the mortar will be drilled and the wiring to the sign will be run. The sign will use 12V LED lights so the PSU will be indoors.

  • Once the wire is run, an additional security camera will be placed outdoors.

Wood Shop

  • Stewards are putting up more signs to remind members to take their wood home.

  • Stewards also planning to move shelves over by the bandsaw, and moving the cubicles there somewhere else

Income from Tool Sales

Carlin sold...

  • the Atlas lathe for $150

  • the smaller lathe for $400

  • the kiln and kiln shelving for $400

  • will be selling the CNC router fence next

End of Meeting

(Paraphrased) "Huh, the post office was upset that you brought them a letter about needing to pay for the PO Box? I thought letters were kind of their thing." - Tom

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