October 2015 - Board Meeting

Present: Ward, Nabil, Ray, Tim, Bailey

Financial update - Bailey

  • Rent payments: Auto-pay broken. Management company not returning calls. Trying to get checks to landlord.
    • Bailey to leave checks (including signed rent checks) with Nabil while she is out of town.
  • Need better way to manage “in for $10” programs. For now, give money to Bailey. Long term, add to website and create reporting tool.
  • We will start putting leftover soda money into a consumables fund, to buy consumables. Examples could include PPE, toilet paper, cleaning equipment, saw blades for space-owned saws, etc. Specifically excluded are consumables for member-owned tools and equipment.

Safety efforts, safety committee update - Nabil

  • Emergency response - Tim
    • Tim will print posters with emergency info, how to communicate location to emergency dispatch
    • Ward will research whether there is a way to clarify our location to dispatch before there is another emergency
    • Would like additional board members to have Red Cross training
      • Bailey will get through work

Corporate memberships (follow-up)

  • Following up with several organizations; most will be in a better position to work with us in early 2016
  • Need boilerplate for contract - Ray to draft
  • Different-looking badges
    • Laser cut their logo, our logo onto the badges

Review the subscription. Is it worth the money? - Bailey

  • 8 out of 42 people who found us on have come to visit the space. None have converted into members.
  • Will continue paying for another 6 months

Classes and events

  • Nov 21 - art show - where are we on this? Is it still feasible?
    • No. We have an art show with no artists right now, and multiple board members will be out of town. Scrambling to make this happen is not practical.
  • Jan 30. Tim will head up planning, but will need help.

Guest welcome / tour guide - Ward

  • Flyers are stacked next to the door, Ward outlining a tour guide.

Feedback from former members - Tim

  • I sent an email to former members inviting them to take another look at the space. Would like to briefly review their feedback for awareness and future planning.

Garage build-out

  • Dave to follow up to see whether the chain link from 900 Keo is still available
  • Nabil to confirm whether we still have a “Supporting Member” tier written into the by-laws
    • If so, the family membership will be implemented as a pricing policy where minors are non-voting supporting members. No by-law change will be required.
    • Ray notes we should encourage members to consider converting to Supporting Member tier if they are uninterested in voting, to make it easier to obtain quorum during future member meetings.
      • Ray to communicate to members
      • Will document as extra column in board’s member list spreadsheet
  • Waivers: Nabil will add signature line to waivers for parent/guardian signatures for minors