May 2020 - Board Meeting

5/6/2020 - Area 515 Board Meeting
  • President: Dave
  • Vice President: Jake
  • Treasurer: Meg
  • Secretary: Brad
  • Director: Tom
  • Director: Jason
  • Director of Education: Bailey
Secretary's Note: In light of COVID-19 some members of this meeting were present via Google Hangout.

Review of Previous Minutes Review

  • It happened.


  • We were $200 in the black for month of April


  • We had a lot of donations come in...
    • $560 - were labeled for Face Shields in some way
    • $315 - were unlabeled
    • $975 - total donations
    • $247.97 - was already spent in purchases relating to face shields and face masks
    • $727 left
  • Dave started a spreadsheet to track what members have been spending out of their own pockets on the face shield and mask project. It only has a couple entries. Some members didn't want to share how much they had spent.
  • It was decided that the board will spend $700 reimbursing members for purchases. First we will collect reimbursement requests, then determine each person's percentage of the total amount requested, then give that member that percentage of the $700.
  • The idea was discussed that anyone who doesn't want reimbursement should consider it a donation to the space.


  • Our Meredith grant request was turned down.
  • We have not heard back from Prairie Meadows yet.
  • 1 week left to fill out state arts grant

Current Member Count: 57

  • Have not received any more Starving Hacker Rate requests
  • We should send out an email notifying members that SHR is available.

Face Mask and Shield Project Wrap Up

  • We're still occasionally getting 3D printed parts, but not enough to worry about.
  • We also still have one person's 3D printer. We emailed the owner but haven't heard back.

Space Updates

  • A light was put in Metal Shop area near door. It's connected to existing circuit and not an electrical hazard.
  • GCFI outlet by the sink isn't grounded
  • Jerry paid for adding hot water to the utility sink
  • Ryan R squared up the right Full Spectrum laser so now the whole bed is useable.
  • Both FS Lasers have experienced a reduction in power, mainly due to use cutting face shields.
  • We need a 3rd vent in the laser room for the other FS laser. The possibility of using donations for this was discussed.
  • Installing a 3 way light switch for the Metal Shop lights is still on the radar. Jason is working his way through his To Do list.
  • There was water dripping by the table saw again. Jerry was notified, and Jason started a youtube video about it!
  • There was discussion of redoing member display using french cleats and throwing away the white couch.
  • Space work night scheduled for May 21st.
  • Jason will start working on his steel CNC machine
  • More steel for vacuum former arrived from McMaster-Carr.

"In for $10's"

  • Vinyl Cutter just needs to be ordered
  • Metal CNC Mill is kind of just waiting for COVID to end
  • A donation was received for a Resin Casting Pressure vessel. A solution was donated so the person who made this donation said to put it towards the space.
  • Jason donated money to the Metal Shop for the vertical band saw.

Metal Shop Wish List

  • Items include:
    • Combo break shear
    • Bigger welding table
    • Way to get more electrical connections to other parts of Metal Shop
    • Bridgeport is further down the list

Tech Journey

  • May do a 'beta' version of their maker camp later in the summer.

4H Membership

  • No movement on this. Bailey hasn't gotten the latest version of the 4H contract yet. There probably won't be movement on this for awhile.

Front Sign Update

  • Tom's design is made of aluminum and translucent acrylic. Top and sides will be enclosed. 4' square.
  • Lights will draw about 2 amps, should cost about $40 per year to have on 24/7
  • Will use Raspberry Pi Zero to turn on and off.
  • There are outlets above the drop tile in the classroom to hook up.
  • Total cost will be about $630
Vote to increase spending limit for sign to about $630.
In Favor: 7
Opposed: 0
Result: PASSED.

End of Meeting

  • Quote of the Meeting: "So the kids learn to hitchhike. It's a life skill."