January 2015 - Board Meeting

Meeting called to order: 18:07

Members present: Tom, Bailey, Nabil, Ray, Barry, Sean

Garage door

  • not happening, there is a concrete wall in the middle, and cannot be breached without destroying the building or spending many, many dollars to reinforce

  • Tom spoke to James Monday. James mentioned the lack of door puts the contract in breech. A request has been made to the owner to reduce the rent by $250/mo

    • Tom asked for objections or enhancements to the counter-request

      • going month-to-month after 12 months seemed a little scary

      • Ray suggested making the second year of the lease able to be broken without penalty (guaranteed month-to-month?)

      • Nabil suggested month-to-month with 90 day warning

      • Bailey suggested 18 months, then renegotiate


  • we need a better plan before DM Partnership can help /too/ much

  • board goals

    • self-sustaining with recurring income

    • regularly scheduled classes (at least one a month)

      • do we want to be more maker-y or more incubator-y (MKE makerspace or sector67)?

  • need to survey members for more items

    • include question about how you're related to the space and why that is the chosen state


  • membership: 40 individuals

  • corporate support: $10k total ($$ / in-kind donations / memberships)

  • tool fund: $4k

  • expansion fund: $4k

  • make the space more appealing

  • 1 community outreach event/month

  • front window usage

    • ~$700 for semi-transparent bus-type vinyl coatings

    • project display box

Current events

Bailey has the first two first friday meetings scheduled, and is talking to the Social Club about another arduino class, but demoing it here it's an odd year, so our SoS filing is due with the state

Meeting adjourned 18:57

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