May 2015 - Board Meeting

Board meeting May 27 2015
Called to order: 18:03
Board members present: tom, ray, nabil, bailey, barry

Finance update:

  • not available

General member meeting agenda:

  • state of the non-profit / space
    • cash flow
      • review membership levels and/or review dues structure
      • additional revenue sources - storage cubes, vending machines, etc
  • should we add a corporate membership (simpson, sci)
  • bylaws review
    • strike section 2.3 - supporting membership
    • revise section 3.1 - regular meetings / special meeting requirements
    • are additional roles needed, or responsibilities changed for existing roles
      • duties of striken roles should be redistributed
      • some defined committees need to be established - building, security, membership, etc
  • create a procedures document
  • final agenda will be distributed before the meeting

Buying the compressor:

  • get it done (tom volunteered)

Further steps:

  • develop a new member packet / membership responsibilities
  • need a better CRM / member management system
Adjourned: 18:56