April 2019 - Board Meeting

4/3/2019 - Area 515 Board Meeting


President: DaveVice President: RayTreasurer: MegSecretary: BradDirector of Education: BaileyDirector: Jason


Director: Tom

Also present:

  • Ward, Chris, Jake

Follow ups from Previous Meeting

  • Electrical work in Metal Shop got done

  • Random note: When the auto lift goes up the lights in the textiles room flicker.

  • Bailey ordered the rest of the signage we need except for dry erase boards

  • Bailey tried to order set of 10 soldering irons from Hobby King but error occured. Will reorder later


  • One of Jason's leather working classes will be for middle schoolers with 4H club.

  • 4H will do a stained glass & wood burning class here. They will staff and teach it.

  • Jill will teach a painting class, may try to teach a middle school class as well.

  • We have some left over soldering kits from March class.

  • We're joining Web Geeks' IOT challenge


  • Should be getting a new debit card soon, as current one about to expire

  • Reimburse Caroline $39.21 out of CNC Fund, for tachometer

  • Wood Shop will spend $52.65 to finish wood shop dust collection. Will need to be reimbursed out of general funds (per previous meetings)

Wood Shop Proposal

  • Want to start replacing Jake's tools in case he leaves. Specifically want new combo jointer/planer, larger drill press, and a lathe. Total would run about $6 - $6.5k. Jake is proposing to pay half the cost of these new tools if the space pays the rest.

  • Proposition was discussed and all agreed it's an extremely generous offer! Dave mentioned possibly having other half of money come from Wood Shop Fund and just letting that run very negative, although this idea was abandoned. Bailey mentioned holding fundraisers through Facebook to try to pay for other half, she said she would talk about it with Caroline.

   Vote: The board authorizes up to $6,500 purchase, with Jake buying half. We will do fundraiser/seek donations for the other half, but the space will cover the other half of the cost. We will keep a full accounting of fundraisers.
   In Favor: 6
   Opposed: 0
   Result: PASSED

Spot Welder Donation

  • Interstate Batteries has 8 or 9 old, unopened spot welders they're willing to donate to us. We will probably keep 1 or 2, but rest will try to sell.

  • This was mentioned as possible source of money for Wood Shop purchase mentioned above.

  • The board discussed where money from sale of spot welders should go. Ultimately it was decided that decision should probably be up to the members, after the large wood shop purchases have been made. Suggestions made included a bigger & better laser cutter, and additional class sets of tools, setting up a fund for "next level" In For $10 drives.

  • Note from time traveler one week in the future: Most of the spot welders ended up getting shipped to a different Interstate Batteries location, only 1 or 2 will end up being donated to us.

3D Printing

  • They want a door between their room and the hallway, and also maybe another desk.

In for $10 Modification

  • Ray wants a clarification sent to all members to specify that any member can ask for money for something (well, technically, any person can, but realistically only members should bother)

  • If a member has an idea for something to get, and gets 2 other people contributing, then that person should go to the board to ask if it will fund the remainder.

  • 10 members contributing half the cost

  • For the board to chip in money, everybody's donations have to go to the space. This is for accounting purposes.

   Vote: Get stack of envelopes to put by the lock box so people can label what their money is for.
   In Favor: 6
   Opposed: 0
   Result: PASSED - Ray said he would take care of this.

Tool Stewards

Stewards vs. Trainers

  • Ray specified that Tool Trainers are not able to spend money, Tool Stewards are

New Stewards

  • After viewing their respective abilities in their areas, and with the recommendation of the fellow stewards in each area, Caroline was nominated to be a CNC steward and Jason nominated to be Wood Shop steward.

   Vote: Caroline becomes Steward for the CNC. Jason becomes steward for the Wood Shop.
   In Favor: 5
   Abstain: 1 (Jason)
   Opposed: 0
   Result: PASSED
  • In case there is any ambiguity, Jason is the steward for Leather working. He is also donating the leather sewing machine, and everything in his leather box to the space.

RFID Discussion

  • Wood stewards are discussing an RFID system that would require members to use their key in order to operate some of their equipment. Nothing is being built yet, discussion centered around how to implement it.

  • Ray's 2 main ideas:

    • Use ESP + RFID reader, put relay in the power cord, and a mechanical switch to tell the ESP when to turn off the relay. Estimated to cost around $20-50 of hardware per machine.

    • Have a lock box containing power cords that you can open with the RFID key.

  • Any system would keep a log of who accessed what and when.

Metal Shop Updates

  • Will move Shopsmith to metal shop and set it up for metal.

  • The big metal surfacing machine needs a VFD to function.

  • We don't have the right outlet for the kiln, also don't have a place to store pieces.

End of Meeting

  • Chris: "They called you a sap." Dave: "That's one of the nicer things they've said."

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