July 2019 - Member Meeting

7/20/2019 - Area 515 Member Meeting

Total Number of Members Attending: 14

Total Number of Full Members Attending: 13 + 3 by proxy

Quorum was reached (11 Full Members were required)

Board of Directors Attending:

  • President: Dave

  • Vice President: Ray

  • Secretary: Brad (late)

  • Director of Education: Bailey

  • Director: Jason


  • Treasurer: Meg

  • Director: Tom

Note: The Secretary missed the first 30 minutes of the meeting. Notes from this portion were generously recorded by Caroline L.

State of Things


  • Hosted an event with Build Something earlier this week

  • All new equipment has been acquired

  • Please tag your wood out in the shop!

  • Jake is looking into ACME funding

  • Donation from Lucas Peters, new scroll saw, drill, etc


  • New Lasercutter!

  • Need a larger table to use both Full Spectrums


  • Had a class today, went pretty well


  • Got a fridge for stick welding rods

  • Progress made on the MIG welder, new regulator and progress on getting a gas bottle

  • We need more tables for our tools, like the hydraulic bender

  • Need new wheels for the bench grinder

  • Need a VFD for surface grinder

  • Styrofoam cutter needs a more permanent storage place, not actually part of Metal Shop


  • Needs more workbench space & storage space some day

  • There is no embroidery machine.

  • Even more sewing machines

  • Weaving classes?

  • Need a warp board for the loom

  • Need training day for loom, would take maybe 5-15 minutes to train per person


  • New wire rack

  • Tab welder is setup!

  • New table needed to replace temporary table. Wood Shop offered a higher sitting table, would need stools to sit at it.

HAM Radio

  • Future in for $10 for the HAM mast. Dave started spreadsheet to determine cost

Server Room

  • New switches installed!

  • Need a better storage solution

  • Ability to put new Full Spectrum laser on a subnet was discussed. Response was yes, but it would take time.

  • 2 HP Gigabit smart switches were donated to us

3D Printers

  • Anycubic will be running again later today w/ probe

  • Makerfarm needs more work

  • MMU needs a shelf and parts before we can re-enable it

  • Both rostocks are working pretty well


  • Plug installed, device will turn on

  • There is no steward for it.

  • A pottery wheel is on our wish list.


  • Piranha: It's back up and running!

  • Going a different direction with the new controller, GRBL+RPi

Vacuum Former

- Matt is still working on it.


  • Coming up, labor day - Caroline is the point of contact, let her know if you would like to volunteer to run the booth/if you have something to bring!


  • We should always post the most recent power bill by the AC controller.

  • Gate key now has a brick on it. You know what they say: if you like it than you should'a put a brick on it.

  • Training stickers placed on almost all tools that require training before use. A few still missing in metal shop.

  • Jason got electric wired correctly for the lathe

  • Jake made a 220 V extension cord

  • Bailey brought in grill mattes that virtually nothing sticks to.

  • Solid Works now installed on the computer labeled "Not a Pentium II" That machine also has Fusion 360 and Gearify.

  • Tim & Bailey will be holding a party at the space on September 14. The Iowa vs. Iowa State football came will be follow-able in some fashion.

  • The space still has an extra spot welder to sell.

  • April electric bill was $320

  • We think the drip above the table saw is fixed.

  • Some people want a wiki-training day for Tool Stewards so they can update the wiki pages themselves.

Jake's PowerPoint

  • Jake created an amazing PowerPoint presentation that we can show to potential donors. It outlines how the space intends to grow and what sorts of things we'd spend money on if people gave it to us.

Tech Journey Interns

  • We will have them for 20 hours next week.

  • Plan to have them work on security cameras, draft a year end report, work on blog posts, and update the wiki with pictures of our tools.


  • Have made some progress setting this up to replace our current Google Sheets setup.

  • Caroline has made some progress getting it to communicate with the door.

  • The advantages of Salesforce were discussed

    • Better at linking info like members, tool fees, training, etc.

    • Would allow for more automation, like RFID'ing tools

    • Could set up standard on boarding for new members

End of Meeting

  • The Secretary failed to record a "quote of the meeting" and so will be properly reprimanded.

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