February 2020 - Board Meeting

2/5/2020 - Area 515 Board Meeting


  • President: Dave

  • Vice President: Jake

  • Secretary: Brad

  • Director: Tom

  • Director: Jason

  • Director of Education: Bailey


  • Treasurer: Meg

Also present:

  • Ward

  • Caroline

Review of Previous Minutes Review

  • Vacuum former metal stuff is here, Matt still has wiring and control panel to finish.

  • Dave has not heard from 4H in other counties yet.

  • The lawyer who reviewed our draft 4H agreement said it was inadequate. Tom is working on a new one to review.

  • All agreed that the front door could use a new paint job.

  • Jason will do electrical work at the space Feb 13-17

  • Dave got a Harbor Freight die grinder, but it had terrible runout so will exchange for a new one. (Note from several weeks in the future: the new one also had terrible runout so will purchase from different source.)


  • We now have a DUNS number.

  • Bailey sold her father's car for $2460. All of that money will go towards the space: first the exterior sign, and then vinyl cutter.

  • We opened a money market account in addition to our bank account. The money market account has a higher interest rate and allows for 6 free transfers a month.

  • There's now an "In for $10 FAQ" page on the wiki.


  • Bailey is spearheading work on the Prairie Meadows grant. Brad will help proofread.

  • Next grant window will be Meredith. We'll write a cover letter explaining how an audit would be extremely difficult for us, and we'll supply financial info as appropriate.

  • After Meredith, we'll apply for Iowa Arts Capacity Grant. It is supposed to be for operating costs, not for special projects.

  • Work for all of these grants is in the "2020 Grants" folder located on the space's Google drive.

  • New member Darron R was mentioned for his help in preparing our grant applications

Current Membership Count

  • 65

  • We got more RFID key fobs for new members.

Space Updates

  • There is one largely unused tool chest in the auto area.

  • On upcoming grants we're requesting money for 3 smaller tool carts: one for 3D room, one for classroom, and one for Laser room. All tools will be color coded to indicate which cabinet they go in.

  • Darron has a very large 6' by 4' tool cabinet that he's willing to sell to the space for $500. It's worth at least $2k new. After some discussion, vote was held to purchase it right away instead of waiting for a grant.

   Vote to purchase 6' x 4' tool cabinet.
   In Favor: 6
   Opposed: 0
   Result: PASSED.
  • Nobody wants the Shopsmith so it will be added to list of things to sell.

  • Jake's old drill press is now in the metal shop. The old red one originally donated by Nabil is now up for grabs. Brad and Jason both interested in acquiring it.

  • Jason is trying to purge the Metal Shop of everything wood. He posted a notice on Google groups that all wood in that area must be labeled by February 16th. After that time, any unlabeled wood will either go to a community scrap pile or be thrown away.

  • Shun will give the space an HP 27" all-in-one work station with Xenon processor.

  • Idea of getting a photo box for members to photograph their creations was discussed again.

  • Since there will be enough money from the car sale to fund the exterior sign, the money from Meg's company will be put toward a vinyl cutter. Bailey found a 24" model for about $450. Brad volunteered to do an In for $10 for the rest of the money.

  • A woodworker's group was interested in making a video tour of our workshop for their members. Brad volunteered to help work on that.

Large Tool Purchase

  • Jake proposed spending some money to finish enclosing the V2 ABS printer, finish the Piranha controller so it'll match the larger CNC being built, and get another Prusa. The price would be $1200. Dave mentioned that we should follow up with tool stewards to get a full picture of what we want for large tool buy. In the end, this proposal was not voted on because it was felt the large tool buy should not be done piecemeal.

  • It was also mentioned that the Metal Shop should build a new welding table, and the idea of asking for money for a larger CNC machine was raised.

Classes & Events

  • Some of the attendees of the Board Game Night came because they found it listed in Google. It seems listing things on Eventbrite bring more people in.

  • It was also noted that if you make an event on Facebook and add tickets, it also goes on Eventbrite and thanks to Caroline, there's automation that will also add it to the space's calendar, which reminds us...

  • Some things are getting double posted on the site calendar.

  • 3D printing group will meet at the space again on Feb 17th.

  • On Feb 15th we'll give a tour to a group from Simpson college. We're not sure how many.

  • Tom agreed to print more of our quarter-sheet flyers.

  • Classes:

    • Making Things Fly Summer Camp will be July 6-10, 12:30-4:00pm. Bailey knows a graphic designer interested in designing a flyer for this.

    • Dan will give a talk on Corel Draw rather than a class. He has yet to pick a day.

    • Jason's Sharpening class will be in March (aka. "How to make things pointy!")

    • No classes scheduled for April yet.

    • Idea of doing a screen printing class was discussed. Bailey will bring in a screen printing kit.

End of Meeting

  • In discussing why the lawyer might have rejected our draft 4H agreement it was suggested that "there weren't nearly enough words."

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