June 2019 - Board Meeting

6/5/2019 - Area 515 Board Meeting


President: DaveTreasurer: MegDirector of Education: BaileyDirector: JasonDirector: Tom


Vice President: RaySecretary: Brad

In Secretary's absence, meetings notes taken by Treasurer.

Follow Ups from Previous Meetings

  • Jason will add fundraiser info for woodshop stuff to Facebook after Jake sends make and model # info

    • One item already here

    • One item at Jake's shop

    • One item still in transit

  • We got $500 from John Deere

  • Bailey still needs to reorder soldering kits

  • Bailey will add PayPal buttons for fundraising

  • Metal Shop fund was -$20, but Dave paid $20 dues in cash so now Metal Shop fund is at $0

  • New Debit Card is here, hooray!

  • Bailey made, and Caroline attached, stickers to go on all tools for which require training

    • The image for this is available on google drive for any further use

  • Chris needs remit for 3D printer expenses

  • Capitol Crossroads lunch was successful. Lots of people took info.

  • Painting class was not held as no one signed up

    • Jyll is willing to try again

    • Bailey willing to advertise

Space Improvment Discussions

  • Discussed website updates - Can Waukee APEX do it with Caroline supervising? This would happen in the fall

  • No further info on SalesForce. Caroline met with Karisa last month and worked on door access.

  • Need to buy stuff for vacuum former & Bailey's stuff

  • We need gas bottle and regulator hose for welder. Brad contacted Praxair but no response.

  • Talked about member meeting.

  • We are missing Bosch router

  • People should put tools back.

  • Tool Stewards should monitor spreadsheet. Discussed ways to get current members trained.

  • Chris may get some items from John Deere, more to donate, like tables and tops

  • Will do "In for $10" for radio mast

  • Reminder to close gates

  • Bailey will add lift and Metal Shop buttons to website.

Upcoming Classes

  • Automotive class July 20

  • Jason to do guitar maintenance class in August

  • Wood Burning workshop canceled

  • Stained Glass workshop on 6/23

    • One section for Middle School

    • The rest open to all

New Metal Steward

   Vote to make Caroline a Metal Shop Steward.
   In Favor: 5
   Opposed: 0
   Result: PASSED.

New Person to Track Membership?

  • Big Nope.

  • Discussed having 2 weekly backups for Brad

=Who Should Post About Classes?"

  • Bailey will work on this.

End of Meeting

  • This humorous comment has been intentionally left blank. Mainly because nobody remembers anything funny from the meeting.

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