December 2015 - Board Meeting

Review Action items from last meeting

  • Dust collector is being installed
  • Membership system is automated
    • List is updated at 4:35 every day and will cut people off 7 days after their membership expires
    • Jan 1, 2016 is the cutoff date for the old system
      • Founding membership will be cut off as of Jan 31
      • Actually enforcing bylaws with founding members so we can get quorum
      • Full membership has voting privileges, ability to schedule,

Financial update - Bailey

  • Utilities were down again, so we are in the black
  • # of members- all current
  • Inventory plans

Review Meeting with Jay Byers - Tim

  • Emmaly Burkland is someone to talk with about STEM education
  • Review family memberships
    • They will be created - 1st member is full price with each afterward half price. Family has up to 2 votes per family (1 per adult)
    • Family is defined as sharing address or dependency as defined by IRS
  • Safety efforts, safety committee update - Nabil
    • Safety good
    • Table saw training was held for one member
    • Create sheets for each electrically operated tool similar to laser and 3D printer
  • Software update
  • Events
    • Gravitate event on Jan 9 ($5 to get people to actually show up) is on and tickets sold
    • Art show on for Jan 30 at the Space - Andy made posters
    • Review
    • Upcoming
    • Posting to calendar?
      • Tim can as president@area515
  • Other topics
    • Ray and Tom requested accounts as ray@ and tom@