January 2023 - CEC Meeting

January 12, 2023 - Community Engagement Committee

Area 515 Makerspace - Community Engagement Committee Meeting

Meeting Agenda - 01/12/2023

  • Announcement/Committee Direction - Cody

  • Working with the Y - Possible opportunities in Summer 2023

  • New Year, New Space - How do we get more participation?

  • Game Night at the Space - Planning

  • Merch - Open Discussion

  • Space Classes

  • Open Forum

YMCA Collaboration

Cody is expecting and will need to take a step back from the committee and the space.

Jason B. connected Cody with Wesley at the YMCA who runs an after school program focused on STEM. Possible collaboration of bringing them to the space and running a class/workshop this summer for about 15 people.

New Year, New Space

  • Cody to send reminders this week

  • ¼ sheets to pass out at the space RE upcoming events

  • Cody to pick up sandwich tray, chips, cookies, drinks from Costco

  • 7 members currently signed up

  • First priority will be moving wood storage

  • Confirm with Jason RE other priorities

Game Night

  • Bailey and Jason to host

  • John to create meetup event (public no cap)

    • Could split nights if too many people signup

  • John to bring snacks and drinks


  • Open call to members to get new designs

    • Make a competition out of it. Members vote for best designs

      • Must be rated E for everyone

    • Kevin to setup google surveys

    • Selected designers get one free

  • Stickers

  • Tshirts

  • Local print shop vs. online print shop

    • Initial local, move to standing print on demand eventually

    • Discuss options with Daniel Johnson

  • Funding via an in for $10?

More classes at the space

  • Resin Dice Class

  • Intro to Soldering

  • Intro to Arduino

Open Forum

  • Kevin to work on “new member” booklet

  • Kevin to work up a “census” to gather metrics on member demographics

    • Who are we, What do we make, How do we make it

    • What events do you want the space to hold?

    • Will help shape strategic plan for engagement

Quote of the night:

Low snarling growing in intensity followed by slobbering and chomping - Molly (Kevin’s dog)

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