October 2014 - Board Meeting

October 28th meeting notes

Nabil, Tom, Sean, Davin, Ray in attendance

Call to order at 6:15

  • Sean is fixing the website login issue

  • Sean brought up the fact that Bailey wants to have education@area515.org hidden a bit better

  • Sean to create info@area515.org to catch all inquiries on the website

Tom brought up a motion to file a quit claim deed on Whittier, authorization for payment of $17 to Polk County Recorder

  • Ray seconded the motion

  • None opposed

Grand Opening

  • Tom to send email to maker fair contacts

  • Nabil has other contacts

  • Space needs to be cleaned

  • Sean to send an email for project show and tell

  • Local Yokels to cover hours dourves

  • Nabil to follow up with Shop Notes Magazine about space layout help


  • Davin to create account for us.

Utilities for the space will be in the Building Owner's name, will prorate our bill based on square footage. Uncertainty about how we will get our bills, Tom to follow up. Have permission to move thermostat into our space.


  • Needs to be mounted

  • Davin and Tom have keys

Onboarding process discussed:

  • Need to have a process for associating tags with people

  • Need to have a process for revoking tags

  • Sean to head it up

New door hardware:

  • Purchased a new handle and latch

  • RFID and strike from whittier will work with new hardware

  • Need new door hardware for the north part of our space to provide an extra exit in case of fire

Garage Door:

  • Old contractor backed out

  • Terris is responsible for finding new contractor

  • No firm date

  • Have stressed the importance of getting it in before Grand Opening

Members only mailing list:

  • Tom brought up a possibility of implementing this

  • Davin and Ray brought up concerns about transparency and complexity

  • no actions to be taken

Hold harmless waiver:

  • Tom has taken waiver to Lawyer for review

  • Idea is to have "guestbook" that represents that someone has read and understands the waiver.

  • Want to verify that guestbook is leagally defensible.


  • Need to have a list of companies and contacts.

  • Tom working with his company to acquire milling machine

  • Tom is acquiring "new" computers from work

Ray motions to adjurn at 7:02

  • Sean seconded

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