November 2019 - Board Meeting

11/6/2019 - Area 515 Board Meeting


President: DaveVice President: RayTreasurer: MegSecretary: BradDirector of Education: BaileyDirector: TomDirector: Jason


Also present:

  • Ward

Results of Previous Minutes Review


  • It was suggested that instead of an audit, we could do a review of our finances. Whether or not it would help us would depend on the grants we're looking to apply for.

  • It was mentioned that for either an audit or review someone would want to review all of our meeting minutes, in which case: hello person I hope will be reading this!

Pop Money

  • Another suggested reason for the decreased amount of money in the pop fund is that maybe people aren't recycling our pop cans - maybe they're getting thrown in the dumpster. The possibility of putting up a camera was discussed again.


  • Both of our old carpet vacuums have now been tossed.


  • Meg brought her new puppy to the meeting and she the puppy was cute as all get out.



  • Neither a list of possible grants nor list of ways to prepare for an audit were compiled for this meeting. Bailey said she would get the grant list compiled for our next meeting.

  • Further discussion was held regarding what an audit would entail. Financially we have a couple of uncashed checks out but no known major financial problems. Whether or not a full inventory of our belongings is required would depend on how they're doing our audit. If the accounting firm uses gap basis statements inventory would be required. Cash basis accounting would not.

  • Bailey said she would look for the business card of someone who offered to do an audit for us for around $3k.

  • Meg will try to ask some more firms for audit estimates.

Financials Misc

  • The new bank account has not been set up yet. Brad and Meg agreed to do it this month.

  • Jake has not been added as a check signer, Brad and Jake agreed to make that happen this month.

Current Membership Count

  • 59

Front Sign Update

  • Lights and power supply for a sign was estimated to be about $25. Tom said he will talk to Tim about proceeding.

Determining Sale Items

  • At the member meeting, 3D Printing Stewards mentioned possibly selling two of their printers. It was mentioned that the Wood Shop has some extra tools. The question of how to do a sale was discussed, would it be better to use Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. Though most agreed Facebook Marketplace is more sketchy than Craigslist.

  • Brad agreed to email all the Tool Stewards asking them to submit ideas for what, if anything, they would want to sell.

Space Updates

  • It was suggested we keep focusing on trying to build our membership.

  • It was also suggested that someone speak with our landlord to see how much more space we might be able to rent and for how much.

Classes & Events

  • Nov 16, 9am-4pm - Felting! Help advertising this was requested. Inviting friends on Facebook, or at least liking the class were suggested ways to do that.

  • Dec 14, 1-5m - Snow Days! Jessie from APEX will help design banners and posters to advertise it.

  • A number of other class ideas have been suggested, people need to commit to dates and times to teach them.

  • Jason will be doing some more members-only belt making classes.

  • A Cardboard Construction Day class was proposed. It was originally to be a class offered to educators as part of our work with the Making STEM Connections grant, but also offering a section of it to the public was suggested as well. "Cain's Arcade" was brought up as an example of the kind of things we could do. Hy-Vee and CostCo were mentioned as good places to source cardboard.

  • A class to help educators use the tools they received from the Making STEM Connections class was discussed.

  • Making A Bat Box class - Dave plans to teach but wants to have all the necessary wood cut to size before the class begins. He has yet to price out all the materials.

End of Meeting

  • Paraphrased quote of the meeting: After hearing that Jason will be offering more leather working classes... "I want to make a bull whip. I will make it and then I will sit in the dark in the Wood Shop waiting for when someone tries to ruin the band saw blade!" - Jake

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