June 2022 - Board Meeting

6/1/2022 Area 515 Board Meeting

6/1/2022 Area 515 Board Meeting


  • President: Dave

  • Vice President: Jake

  • Treasurer: Meg

  • Secretary: Brad (remotely)

  • Director: Ryan


  • Director: Carlin

  • Director: Tom

Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting

Vote to approve minutes from May board meeting

Yes: 5

No: 0

Result: Passed


  • We received a new debit card. Meg will update our Amazon account.

  • Jason needs to be reimbursed for some Wood Shop purchases.

  • Dave paid for the air compressor that was in the Metal Shop (that money should go towards Metal Shop fund)

  • Wood Shop recently spent $550 on a new tablesaw.

Vote for the $550 for the tablesaw to come out of general funds rather than the Wood Shop fund.

Yes: 5

No: 0

Result: Passed

  • VCarve yearly license is about to renew for $104. It is currently on Jake's card. For the time being Jake will apply for reimbursement, but in the future that should be moved to the space's card.


  • If we choose to get an I bond we should first adopt an Investment Strategy

  • After discussing how much money to put in, $10k was generally agreed upon.

  • Ultimately it was decided that this should be up to the whole group. Therefore Meg will try to have details in time for the next Member Meeting at the end of July. Where it can be voted on and implemented if approved.

Current Members: High 80s

  • The new membership automation doesn't remove members names from the Current Members spreadsheet, so the simple count of listed names no longer gives an accurate result. At this time there were 93 members in the sheet. At least 3 of whom had expired. After looking through the whole list membership was estimated as listed above.

  • One couple emailed to suspend their memberships. The Secretary said he would take care of that.

Space Updates

  • We currently have 3 boxes full of paper towels and plenty of bleach cleaner so we're going to cut back on the Amazon subscription for those.

  • Ham Radio meet ups have been moved to the last Wednesday of the month. The last one was pretty successful. The Secretary even made his first transmission! *

  • No movement in obtaining the TIG welder from Chris. We haven't given him the check yet either. Dave said he will email him.

  • Jake cleaned up the Wood Shop.

  • We haven't heard anything yet from Meg's carpet guy. She emailed him again this afternoon. Hopefully they can come out sometime in the next month. They estimate it would take 1 guy 2 days to do the job.

  • Brad took the donated laser home to get it working and eventually sell it.

  • Dave donated a gas powered weed eater to the space.

Red Bull Team

  • They've started building the frame. Dave will be going to the Des Moines Bicycle Collective for parts.

  • We're the first team on the list of contestants! (...because they're listed in alphabetical order)

  • Some teams submitted these nice CAD files of their entries, we submitted a very nice sketch.

  • Nice, professional-looking white lab coats with space's logo were made specially for the team.

  • Cody is working on the 3D printer part of the racer.

Trello Review

  • The Piranha is functional. Next step is making Vcarve have the right settings to output Gcode for it.

  • The Electronics Area stewards are Ray and Bailey

  • Dave had to reassemble a portable soldering iron for a project. None were readily available.

  • In the Metal Shop, we won't be able to run the TIG at full power. Full power for it is 60 amps, we'll run it at half power until we get electrical work done.

  • Eventually we plan to have an electrician come in for a number of projects. Right now we are waiting for one of our members to lend us his scissors lift so we can safely access the ceiling. Planned projects include:

    • moving some light switches

    • add some ceiling drops for power

    • putting a 60 amp circuit in the Metal Shop

  • While the Wood Shop drill press is out of action, Jason has lent us 2 older drill presses. One for the Wood Shop and one for the Metal Shop.

  • In the Wood Shop, the new jointer needs sharpening. The pros and cons of getting straight knives vs. getting a replacement helical head were discussed.

  • Members can now get training on the SawStop table saw. Eventually stewards plan to have only 1 table saw available.

  • Tables with electrical cords under them no longer are able to move. This way cords don't get run over.

  • The Wood Shop is now arranged such that someone could put a 4' x 8' sheet of plywood in the Lead CNC if desired.

  • Jake constructed 2 new carts for wood storage.

  • Jason is working on a plan to upgrade the dust collector.

  • Stewards are also working on a power feeder for the little proteus bandsaw

  • Caroline will be taking a CNC class soon so hopefully she can fabricate the Rostock 3D printer parts that she needs.

  • Dave is planning to hold an "In for $10" drive for a hydraulic brake press.

Meeting Adjourned

  • "Motion to buy Dave a new motorcycle or jet ski!"

    "Rescinded, new motion to buy Dave one of those drone things that people can fly around in!"

    "That might make it in the minutes so be careful" - heard after laughter subsided.

    (Secretary's note for the humor-impaired: These motions were completely in jest. No vote was actually attempted, much less taken.)

  • *The Secretary's first successful ham radio transmission was broadcast to the President who was located all the way on the other side of the table. Still, he is quite proud of this achievement and would like to thank his elmer, Dave.

  • Said over Google Meet: "I turned off my camera so you don't have to look up my nose." Heard in background: "Maybe we should get [name redacted] a nose hair trimmer!" Also heard in background: "a gas-powered one!"

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