January 2016 - Board Meeting

Financial update - Bailey

  • Tim updated the membership prices on our website
  • Need to remind people to update their PayPal subscriptions
  • Dwolla sucks
  • Paypal sucks

Member meeting - 19/20/26/27

Tim to send out a “when is good”

Safety update - Nabil

  • Have had a request for training sheets on the power tools in the back area
  • Ray offered to do it tonight

Re-visit potential corporate members -- is it still too soon to approach some of them?

  • SCI
  • Simpson College
  • Twisted Vine Brewery - after they've moved into their location
    • Late spring, early summer
  • Pillar Technology
  • Walker Coen Lorentzen Architects
    • Have requested
    • Need to prepare contract for them

Garage buildout

  • How much money are we willing to spend, given we don’t know how long we’ll be in this building?
  • What costs would be investments that we can take with us, as opposed to investments into this building?
    • Walls to secure the area (chain link?)
      • Corrugated sheet metal?
    • Black pipe etc for the air compressor
    • Electrical runs
      • $???.??
    • More shop lights (may be able to get some old fluorescent lights donated)
      • Possibly free
    • Welder & equipment
    • Welding bench (Ben has offered to build one)

Landlord relations

  • Status of cleanup reimbursement?
  • Heater resolved?
  • Steam coming out of FLOOR in garage?
    • lol
      • Pretty sure the kittens did this.
  • Still sneaking rent checks into the rent slot in locked resident stairwell