November 2022 - Board Meeting

11/2/2022 - Area 515 Board Meeting
11/2/2022 - Area 515 Board Meeting
  • President: Dave
  • Vice President: Jake
  • Treasurer: Meg- remotely
  • Director: Ryan
  • Director: Tom- remotely
  • Director: Carlin
  • Secretary: Brad

Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting

Vote to approve minutes from the September board meeting
Yes: 5
No: 0
Result: Passed


  • We should be now caught up with reimbursements that had gotten behind

Membership Update: 86


  • Notes were sent to brad to post
  • Upcoming events need dates added for soldering and snow day
  • Dave will work to create sign up for soldering class
  • Need to share events on social media
  • Carlin's Wife has volunteered to help redo the snow day fliers

Space Updates

  • Printer needs a new toner cartridge
  • TIG welder still need to be looked over more but seems to have most parts
  • Carlin noted the walkway had been blocked a number of times
    • Stack of tool boxes and supplies blocking the metal shop entrance
    • Need to work on how to keep the space neater in general
  • Phase converter was shipped for metal shop
  • Need to reorder bulbs/get from Menards

Hammer - In

  • Successful event with around 20 people, 500 dollars was donated to the space from the guild

Meeting Adjourned