November 2015 - Board Meeting

Review Action Items from Last Meeting

Financial update - Bailey

  • Running in the black on a yearly basis

  • 39 current members

  • Still working on cleaning up the books

  • Need a plan for changing automatic PayPal payments in January

    • Bailey to write brief notice informing people they need to update their automated payments.

  • Ray - In for $10 status of items?

    • Harbor Freight has the dust collector on sale now

    • Tim to stop by HF. Space will cover remaining cost.

Corporate memberships - review contract boilerplate

Software update

  • Tim to finish this

Events Update

  • January 9 - Code Kata with a weird name, hosted at Gravitate.

  • Nabil to schedule a 3d workshop sometime in December

Safety efforts, safety committee update - Nabil

  • Door fiasco

    • Ray - From the last time that this happened, I recall that it is a software issue. The pi gets desynchronized from the RFID reader. I will look at rewriting the serial decoding to properly handle this case. This has been done.

    • Audit key list - Nabil and Bailey

  • Tool broken procedure

  • Red Cross Training

    • Bailey doing training on Nov. 20th

    • Who else can get this for free at work?

      • Nabil to circulate this to other members.

PR Committee

  • When someone requests a tour:

    • If you can handle it, great. Otherwise:

    • Post to the main list asking if someone is free to arrange a tour. Remove any contact info from that post.

    • Forward the request to the board so that, if someone responds on the main list, any board member can provide them contact info.

    • Respond to the requester letting them know you forwarded the request and someone will get back to them.

Art Show Planning

  • Formed a committee

    • The art show is outside the normal board member responsibilities

How do we gain quorum at our member meetings?

  • Follow our actual by-laws?

    • Grandfather current members as founding members, request that they voluntarily drop to supporting members. Follow the membership promotion process going forward.

    • Cut-off date as required per by-laws will be January 1.

    • Ray to draft email to members

Create member-only email list, to be used only for announcements

  • Create unlisted google group, any board member can post to all members

  • Members will be added when they sign up

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