October 2022 - CEC Meeting

October 18, 2022 - Community Engagement Committee

Area 515 Makerspace - Community Engagement Committee

Meeting Meeting Agenda - 10/18/2022

  • Bridge Building Event Recap - Kevin
  • Snow Day (early December)
  • How to Solder class w/ David 11/12 @ 10AM
  • Member Spotlight
  • Fall/Winter Opportunities from Science Center - Cody
  • Space Reset Day Planning
  • Game night - John
  • Trello Cleanup

Meeting notes:

Event recap, plan to hold again with modifications

Snow Day: Tentatively 12/3/22

  • Stations:
    • Paper snowflakes, in classroom
    • Laser cut designs, in laser room
    • Resin cast snowflakes, in woodshop
    • 3D printers, in printing room
    • Paint projects, in woodshop or craft room
  • Need member volunteers to supervise stations
  • Drinks and snack provided
    • Cookies, pop, hot coco?

How to Solder - Dave to led, needs 1-2 volunteers to help day of

  • Cody to do call to action for volunteers for this and Snow Day
  • Confirm with Dave that students have signed up

Member spotlight

  • Cody to send out survey asking for volunteers to be spotlighted
  • Kevin to hold the interviews and do the write ups

Fall/Winter Science Center Opportunities

  • Mena at DMSC has requested we do something similar to what we did this summer
  • Cody to share options, members to review times for possible availability
  • Potential to work with DMSC in 2023

Space Reset Day

  • Waiting for info from tool stewards
  • Metalshop rework was successful
  • If no special projects, may just deep clean an area

Game Night

  • Look for dates in Q1 23
  • Purely social
  • Drinks and snacks provided
  • CEC to led pods in table top and party games

Trello cleanup

  • Need to confirm merch vendors

Quote of the night “Lasers are magic”