April 2016 - Board Meeting

Financial update (Bailey)

  • Memberships down
    • $108 under break-even by members with utilities ($60/month on average)
    • Churn mostly due to understandable reasons- adding as well
    • We were in the black for quite a while
    • What can we done to add further?
  • Raised money from Arduino class
  • Pop fund essentially untouched

Landlord relations

  • STILL sneaking checks into drop box in the locked tenant entryway

Possible partnership with Gravitate (Tim)

  • Gravitate may be moving to 515 28th St.
    • ~12k sq ft, Gravitate does not need all of it
    • Possible to share some common areas

Plan out fundraising

  • Crowd funding campaign
    • Goal is $1.5m for tools, building, etc.
    • Laser-cut coasters, etc.
    • Help creating prizes and giveaways for the campaign
    • Coordinate with event at Twisted Vine
    • Use GoFundMe - they take credit card fees for all amounts and 3% if goal is met
  • Grants
    • Raise money prior to requesting grants to demonstrate viability
  • Fundraising events
    • Beer / Art event with Twisted Vine - June 21 (Tuesday)
      • “Art with a Twist”
      • Need logo that can be screened with one color
      • $15-$25/person for custom glass, 1 beer and food
      • $1000 for 500 glasses - need 6 weeks
      • Set up on Eventbrite, Beer Week, etc. for advance sales
      • Need volunteer coordinator for the overall event
        • People (10) to serve beer, bus tables, front table etc. (Tom)
  • Tim to host technical training events?
    • Gravitate or WDM Incubator - i.e. “Test driven development” focused on professional development training

Membership drive

  • Sent copy for flyers to Andy, waiting on design work
  • Could mine existing list but limited upside
  • Need items that can be made relatively inexpensively
    • Ray thinking a word clock
  • Events
    • Other people have offered to run kid-targeted events!
      • Tim knows someone who puts on events
      • Have a kit that the kids assemble
    • Offer $5 discount on all classes as membership benefit
    • Kid events haven’t led to conversion but they do keep their kids in line
    • Possibility of becoming involved with SCI Mixology Event
  • Member Meeting - April 28
    • Try and get people there
  • Vote supporting to full members (if applicable)
  • Short financial update/membership
  • Garage build out status
  • Discuss fundraising plans
    • Crowd funding drive
    • Art/Beer Week event at local brewery