October 2020 - Member Meeting

10/18/2020 - Area 515 Member Meeting

Total Number of Members Attending: 15

Total Number of Full Members Attending: 13 + 5 by proxy

Quorum was reached (12 Full Members were required)

Board of Directors Attending:

  • President: Dave

  • Vice President: Jake

  • Secretary: Brad

  • Director of Education: Bailey

  • Director: Jason

  • Director: Tom


Treasurer: Meg

  • Currently 64 members

  • Currently 24 Full members

Secretary's Note: In light of COVID-19 this meeting took place both in person and via Google Meet.

State of the Space

  • Considering it's 2020 we've been doing pretty good.

  • Currently have 64 members, we've maintained our numbers well.

  • Space Improvement Highlights:

    • Vinyl Cutter!

    • Jeff, Jason and Chris constructed a whole wall of beautiful new member storage cubes.

    • Received a new Atlas lathe

    • Got rid of the yellow couch

    • New toolboxes in auto area

    • Kudos to everyone who participated in making the Face Shields!

    • Security System is getting set up


  • We are operating in the black.

  • Got a $5k donation from Facebook

  • The Large Tool Buy is in progress, next step is to prioritize items.

  • Got $2k donated from the sale of Bailey's parents' car

  • Our landlord, Jerry, offered us a new section of space. It's about the same area as the auto bay and located just south of the auto bay. Once Jerry's stuff is out of it, we can use it as a flex space. It will cost us $50 per month more in rent, and Jerry will become an official member on our rooster. We will have to keep part of the space clear so Jerry can get a forklift through. The board voted to approve this addition at their October meeting.

Everyone Repeat After Me: Clean Up Your Stuff

  • Parking tickets have been printed and are available to put on inappropriately stored belongings.

  • If you find something that you don't know who it belongs to, the appropriate action is to write a parking ticket for it and post on the Google group notifying everyone of the ticket.

Stuff to Get Rid Of

  • Everything on the gray plastic shelves in the Metal Shop is up for grabs

  • The old black air compressor, kiln, and second engine hoist will all be put up for sale soon.

  • Shun offered to help sell stuff online to raise money for the space.

Vote to Move Members from Supporting to Full

  • Jeff Hagerman was nominated by 3 Full members to also become a Full member.

   Vote to make Jeff H a Full member
   In Favor: 13
   Abstain: 5
   Opposed: 0 
   Result: PASSED

2020 Board Elections

  • Although Jason - to no avail - waited until the last minute to accept his nomination in the hopes that someone else would step up, there was still only 1 person running for each slot. In light of this, the election was held by a single vote of yes or no.

    • President: Dave Champion

    • Vice President: Jake Leister

    • Treasurer: Meg Krajicek

    • Secretary: Brad Freese

    • Director: Ryan Renze

    • Director: Tom Pesek

    • Director: Jason Bentley

   Vote to elect all those running to the respective offices they are running for
   In Favor: 18
   Opposed: 0 
   Abstain: 0
   Result: PASSED - All those running have been elected to their respective offices.


  • Jason wrote a really good blog post on the website about the different grades of wood and what they mean.

  • Caroline is working on setting up Gitbook to replace the website's wiki.

  • The roof leak in the Wood Shop has not been permanently fixed yet, but equipment has been moved so nothing gets dripped on. We will ask our landlord for a long term solution.

  • No events will be held until next year at the earliest due to COVID.

  • Chris was looking for some gardening knowledge as he intends to make some raised planters for his house.

End of Meeting

  • "This was a distinctly different kind of swearing." - Jason in reference to trying to figure out how to post on our website.

  • "Mummmurrrrwuuurrrr Muuurrrrrrrrrr Murrrrrmmmmuuuummmm" - Kirk's very young potential new member.

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